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Family crest Stael von HolsteinBaron Lage Fabian Wilhelm StaŽl von Holstein (born on April 15, 1886, deceased in 1946) was a descendant of the Swedish branch of the aristocrat family StaŽl von Holstein. His father, Carl Jakob Joakim StaŽl von Holstein (1843-1890) was assessor.
Lage Fabian Wilhelm StaŽl von Holstein was married more than once. On January 2, 1914, he married in Amsterdam with the 25 year old Marie Ulrike Oelsner. On October 29, 1914, this marriage ended in a divorce. On March 27, 1919, he got married with Anna Gurli Gunhild Sonja Edlund, born on September 22, 1891. On September 21, 1919, a daughter was born: Rosa Sonja Eleonora.[1]
The most early publication by StaŽl von Holstein which is mentioned in the online-catalogue of the Royal Swedish Library is Morgunjubel, a volume of verses (Stockholm, 1906). In 1908, his thesis Etude sur le roman d'Athis et Prophilias was published in Stockholm. His dissertation was published in Uppsala in 1909 and was entitled
Le roman d'Athis et Prophilias. Etude litteraire sur ses deux versions.


Kan Engeland den oorlog winnen? From 1911, Stšel von Holstein wrote about Swedish and international military, political and social matters. Some of the publications he wrote in this time, were translated into French and German.
The titles of StaŽl von Holstein's publications, written in the '30's, show that he joined national-socialism. In 1939-1940, ŇstrŲm publishers in Stockholm published the four-volume series
VŚr neutralitet. In 1939, the first volume of this series was translated into German. In 1940, this volume was translated into Dutch and Spanish. The Dutch title: Kan Engeland den oorlog winnen? De Zeeoorlog en de Neutralen. This brochure was published by W.J. Ort in The Hague; its circulation number was 5.000 copies. StaŽl von Holstein himself had contacted Arie Meijer Schwencke, owner/director of the VGB (Vereenigde Grafische Bedrijven, a printer's company), with the request if Meijer Schwencke could have his brochure translated into Dutch and spread it. The VGB, seated in The Hague, produced pro-German propaganda brochures, which were published under the banner of Ort.
StaŽl von Holstein was the owner of a publishing company, the Neutrala Institutets fŲrlag. This company was all but neutral, its catalogue contained national-socialist books and brochures which StaŽl von Holstein either had written by himself or translated into Swedish.[2] 
StaŽl von Holstein's activities were not limited to the writing of brochures. On page 1 of the evening edition of the Hague daily Het Vaderland was announced that as part of the winter program of the Nordische Gesellschaft in Berlin,Baron StaŽl von Holstein, the Swedish expert on international law, would give a lecture about a juridical theme.


In 1940, Stockholms bokindustri AB printed two national-socialist brochures on Nostradamus: Nostradamus spŚdomar om kriget, intended for Sweden, and What will happen in the near future? For an answer we must turn to "Les vrayes centuries et propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus" - The prophecies of the ancient French astrologer Michel Nostradamus and the present war - by Norab (cover title: Nostradamus Prophecies about the War), which, according to the American Century-scholar Edgar Leoni, was spread in the USA.[3] These brochures are translations cq adaptations of Was bringt das Jahr 1940 - Die Antwort geben uns "Les vrayes Centuries et Propheties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus", a national-socialist text about Nostradamus, written in 1939-1940 by order of dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, the minister of Propaganda in Nazi-Germany. Therefore, StaŽl von Holstein is not the author of Nostradamus spŚdomar om kriget and What will happen in the near future?..., but the translator. A comparison of these brochures with the contents of Was bringt das Jahr 1940? shows that he added texts to both brochures, especially to What will happen in the near future?, probably to increase the propagandistic impact. In quite a number of cases in What will happen in the near future?, he left out parts of Was bringt das Jahr 1940?. In some cases, he replaced comments, given in Was bringt das Jahr 1940?, by other comments.
According to the Svensk Bok-Katalog 1936-1940, the name Norab, a common Swedish family name, was a pseudonym of StaŽl von Holstein.[4]  
Most likely, Nostradamus spŚdomar om kriget was published by the Neutrala Institutets FŲrlag in Stockholm. In English, this title reads Nostradamus prophecies about the war, which is the cover title of What will happen in the near future?.





De Meern, the Netherlands, November 20, 2006
T.W.M. van Berkel
updated on
May 17, 2012


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

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