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In 1920, Count Ernst zu Reventlow founded the weekly Der Reichswart. The first issue of Der Reichswart contained a subtitle which showed its independent character. Quite quickly, the nature of Der Reichswart changed into ultranationalistic and antisemitical. In 1935, the publication of Der Reichswart temporarily was ceased by Hitler's orders, because of an article in which the national-socialist economic policy was criticized.
Der Reichswart was printed at Aufwärts publishers Maxim Klieber in Berlin and was published every Thursday. The last issue of Der Reichswart was published on February 17, 1944.


Count Ernst zu Reventlow, founder and editor of Der Reichswart
Count Ernst zu Reventlow was born in Husum in Sleswich-Holstein on August 18, 1869, and died in Munich on November 21, 1943. He was a Navy officer. After World War I he joined the Deutschvölkigen. In 1924, he became a deputy in the Reichstag, the German parliament. In 1927, he joined the national-socialists.
From the beginning of the 20th century, Zu Reventlow turned out to be an author on politics. In the first decennia, he published about the German Navy, the German foreign policy in the period 1888-1914 and World War I. Zu Reventlow disliked the Weimar Republic and England, he advocated that each of the European countries would have a navy which would enable them to resist the British Navy. 
Zu Reventlow also was an advocate of the paganistic movement in Germany. His weekly joined the Deutsche Glaubensbewegung, the journal of an a-Christian movement, founded by Jakob Wilhelm Hauer (1881-1962), who was convinced that his movement reflected the inbeing of national-socialism. From 1933 to 1936, Zu Reventlow played a leading part in this movement.



De Meern, the Netherlands, October 26, 2006
T.W.M. van Berkel



  1. This article might have been written by Hans Kurt Fervers (Fiebig to Van Berkel, October 24, 2006). Hans Kurt Fervers, born on September 18, 1911, was head of the NSDAP Press office. He occupied himself with the German youth and wrote a great number of publications, directed against Jews and freemasonry. [text]


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