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1668-Amsterdam-editionThe predictional value of the Centuries
According to the Preface to Cesar and the Epistle to Henry II, which are part of the Centuries, also known as the Prophecies of Nostradamus, as we know them today, the Centuries have a time span from 1555 to 3797 and deal with West- and Central Europe and the countries which surround the Mediterranean Sea, in other words: the "old" world.
The research upon which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is founded, lead among other things to an evaluation of the predictional value of the Centuries. The conclusion is that these predictions will not be fulfilled, because they can not be fulfilled. The existence of the world c.q. humanity can not be placed in a time structure of 8.000 years as is done in the Centuries; the world exists since millions of years and humanity for more than 40.000 years. The view on the world on which the Centuries are founded, has become obsolete, since the African, the American, the Asian and the Australian continent are not discussed. Astrological structures which can be found in the Centuries also became obsolete, not in the least since it turned out that they had no predictional value. Bible texts, quoted in order to legitimate the Centuries, were taken out of their context, by which they lose their value as a good argument.[1]


World War II
The question about the impact of the Centuries in the years of their existence is as interesting as the question whether or not the Centuries can be fulfilled. They did not lose their reputation and today they still draw attention. This could be observed in for example the increase of the number of visitors of Nostradamus-websites when on April 19, 2005, cardinal Joseph Aloïs Ratzinger was elected as pope. On that day, was visited 521 times, whereas in the days before the average number of visitors was about 275. Also at the time of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, and at the time of the tsunami in South-East Asia on December 26, 2004, the number of visitors of Nostradamus-websites increased. In connection with the attack on the Twin Towers, hoax quatrains were brought into circulation, attributed to Nostradamus, in which this attack was supposed to be predicted.
In some ways, the Centuries are connected to World War II. The fighting parties used the Centuries, Century-comments or the reputation of Nostradamus as an astrologer/prophet/seer who predicted important political events until the end of times for propaganda purposes. Some people based their opinion about the war upon an analysis of the actual situation by means of the Centuries or on a future perspective, derived from the Centuries (whether or not propaganda). After World War II, it was attributed to Nostradamus that in the Centuries, he predicted important events which took place in World War II and that he mentioned the names of persons who played an important part in this war. The first Dutch translation of the Centuries was meant as a counter-react against the national-socialist Nostradamusbrochure Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen?, published in the Netherlands in April 1940.
The substudy "World War II" contains articles which are a.o. the result of the study of books and newspaper articles from the period 1939-1945 (comments, national-socialist propaganda, Allied contra-propaganda and post-war publications which are connected with the fortune of the Centuries in World War II, Century-comments or the reputation of Nostradamus).
In the literature study upon which this substudy is based, Ellic Howe's Uranias Kinder: Die seltsame Welt der Astrologen und das Dritte Reich (Weinheim, 1995, a translation of Astrology and the Third Reich [London, 1984]) plays an important part. In the '60's, Howe did extensive research on astrology in Nazi-Germany and the life and work of the Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, whose name inextricably is bound up with national-socialist propaganda, as far as based upon the Centuries. Further, the scientific edition of the Goebbels diaries, published by the Munich Institüt für Zeitgeschichte and Willi A. Boelcke's publications on the secret daily propaganda conferences in the German Ministry of Propaganda are a very important source of information.
For the study of publications on Nostradamus and the Centuries in the period 1939-1945, authentic material has been used (articles, books, brochures, interviews and pamphlets).


Contents of the substudy "World War II"
The substudy "World War II" consists of five parts. The titles of these parts are listed below and are given by means of hyperlinks, which are linked to the sub-indexes of articles in this substudy.

This part contains articles on the origins of national-socialist propaganda, as far as based upon the Centuries and/or Century-comments. The literature study upon which the substudy "World War II" is based, showed that dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi-minister of Propaganda from 1933 tot 1945, fulfilled a key role. 
This part also contains lists of titles of French and German literature on Nostradamus and the Centuries.

Publications 1929-1945
This part contains articles on books, brochures and pamphlets about Nostradamus and the Centuries, published in the period 1929-1945. Some of these publications were written for psychological warfare; other ones were the result of research and were not propagandistic.
In a number of articles, the impact of these publications is demonstrated.

Post-war publications
This part contains articles on publications, published after 1945, which are connected in some way to books, brochures and articles on Nostradamus and the Centuries, published in the period 1929-1945

Information on authors
This part contains articles on a number of authors who in the period 1929-1945 have written on Nostradamus and the Centuries,
whether or not for propaganda reasons.
In a number of articles is described to what extent ideas about the meaning of the Centuries or the attitude towards the use of the Centuries for psychological warfare changed in the course of the years. 

Information on magazines, newspapers etc.
This part contains articles about magazines and newspapers in which in the period 1929-1945 articles were published on Nostradamus and the Centuries, whether or not written for propaganda reasons. 
Most of the discussed articles are published online at and


The lecture Taking advantage of superstition: the Prophecies of Nostradamus in World War II
In this lecture, the backgrounds of the Nostradamus-campaigns, carried out in World War II, are explained by means of the origin history and fortune of the national-socialist brochure What will happen in the near future?. In this lecture, the post-war fortune of this propaganda material is also exposed.


Expression of thanks
First of all, I would like to thank, with all my heart, mr. W. Zannoth (Germany), for all the information he gave about German Nostradamus-literature and for his never-ending help. Without him, this project would not have been realized.
I also would like to thank mr. U. Maichle (Germany), for the information he shares with me regarding his findings in his research on the fortune of the Centuries during World War II. In March 2006, he published his findings on his website Die Nostradamus-Propaganda der Nazis 1939-1942, which frequently is updated.
The results of his archive research provide an objective, clear insight in what, regarding the Nostradamus-propaganda, happened behind the walls of the German Ministry of Propaganda and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a field which until our days was quite inaccessible. Besides, Maichle has been the one who discovered the reason why the German historian/philologist dr. phil. Alexander Max Centgraf used the pseudonym "dr. N. Alexander Centurio" in his post-war comments on Nostradamus and the Centuries.
Invaluable sources of information are, the newspaper website of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (the Dutch National Library) on which numerous newspapers are available which were issued in the past four centuries, and, which contains links to newspapers, issued in the past two centuries. The relevant articles in these newspapers provide additional information about the way in which national-socialist Nostradamusbrochures were promoted in the early years of World War II and about protest against these brochures. 
The information, send by mrs. G. Grossmann (Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich), mrs. A.S. Langner (Bundesarchiv, Berlin) and mrs. C. von Schierstedt (Germany), author and webmaster of the website Hermes-Astrologie, has been invaluable.
I also would like to thank mr. F. Erkelens and mrs. M. Plettenburg (the Netherlands). For a long time, they worked at Servire publishers, The Hague, NL, the company which in 1941 published the Dutch translation of the Centuries, made by Houwens Post. They gave much information about Servire publishers and about C. Verhulst, at that time the owner of Servire publishers.
I also would like to thank mr. A.E. Post (the Netherlands), a grand-nephew of prof. dr. mr. H. Houwens Post, for his sending of a biography of his great-uncle.
I also would like to thank mr. R. Benazra (France) for his extensive research on the origins of used French source texts in several publications, for information about French publications and for sending a copy of a French version of the national-socialist brochure Die Prophezeiungen des Nostradamus, printed by F. Beroud, Paris, and J. Halbronn D.Litt. (France), for sending a copy of the French version of the national-socialist brochures Die Prophezeiungen des Nostradamus and a copy of the German original, all produced under the auspices of the Deutsche Informationsstelle, one of the sections of the Auswärtige Amt, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
I also would like to thank dr. E.R. Gruber (Germany) for his information about C. Loog and the copy of the national-socialist brochure Der Seher von Salon, and mr. P. Lemesurier (Great Britain), for his information about several comments on quatrain 03-57.
A special expression of thanks I would like to give to mrs. E.M. Stengel - Peter (Germany) for the information she gave about the life and work of her father, dr. B. Winkler, whose novel about Nostradamus was published in 1937 and whose Century-comments were published in 1939 and 1940. This information enabled me to study his publications in connection with his political and pacifistic ideas.
Closing, I would like to thank the Dutch National Library in The Hague, the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Berlin and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, who sent copies of a series of publications.


It is not the purpose of this section to promote or spread fascist, national-socialist, anti-Semitic, racist and/or revisionist ideas. I hereby explicitly dissociate myself from the opinions, expressed in the publications which are discussed in these articles.


De Meern, the Netherlands, August 16, 2013
T.W.M. van Berkel



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