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In an enclosure to a report about the state of affairs in the astrological field, published on Ulrich Maichle's website Die Nostradamus-Propaganda der Nazis 1939-1942, some remarks by Carl Loog, made in a full-page article (in fact: a letter to the editors) in number 50 of volume 1940 of the national-socialist weekly Der Reichswart, were criticized. By means of this letter, Loog replied to Prophete rechts, Prophete links..., a contribution by Kurt Fervers, published in number 45 of Der Reichswart, dating from November 7, 1940. In this article, Fervers' contribution is discussed.[1]

Headline article Fervers in Der Reichswart #45, November 7, 1940Prophete rechts, Prophete links... was a frontpage-article, with the size of about one and a half column and closed on page 2. Its text was not divided into paragraphs. 

The title Prophete rechts, Prophete links... is taken from the last two closing lines of Diner zu Coblenz, a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, dating from 1774. The full text of its closing lines:

Und, wie nach Emmaus, weiter ging's
Mit Sturm- und Feuerschritten:
Prophete rechts, Prophete links,
Das Weltkind in der Mitten.

The last two lines serve as a metaphor for someone who, cheerful and turned inwards, does not care about the opinions of others and keeps himself away from the influence of others who have no eye for the useful or the pleasant. In Prophete rechts, Prophete links..., the German people i.c. Fervers is the world's child (Weltkind), sitting between doom prophets, ready for fight and focused upon the final victory.

In Prophete rechts, Prophete links..., Fervers wrote about Nostradamus from an antisemitic point of view. He was sceptical about prophecies in general and notably the Centuries. As far as he was concerned, a nation which was strong, powerful and armed, had no need to fear the future.
In the course of 1940, Alfred Rosenberg, the ideologist of the NSDAP, had decided that Nostradamus' predictions no longer were allowed to be quoted within the NSDAP. In the enclosure about the state of affairs in Germany in the astrological field, it was argued that those who believed these predictions, handed themselves over to fatalism. I don't know if Fervers by writing Prophete rechts, Prophete links... wanted to expose the view of the NSDAP regarding the Centuries; the closing paragraph of his contribution seems to correspond with this view.
The contents of Prophete rechts, Prophete links... are as follows:


The common people, who are confused by wars, calamities and acts by great statesmen, ask what fate will decide and what the future will bring. Those who want to make capital out of this, may count on attention, audience and money. In all eras, remarkable events were a good breeding ground for predictions of various kinds, such as in Antiquity the Delphic Oracle, the Sybillines, the Roman priest who read the future from the sacrificed beasts and prophets of doom who announced the end of the world. Their dark words and dark phrasings are their feature. Those who are sceptic hold this as a proof of their ignorance. Those who believe will have more respect. 
The most famous seer from more recent history is Nostradamus. He originated from a family of physicians and lawyers, who managed to be highly esteemed by the world's establishment. This was in connection with the fact that they converted themselves from Jewish religion to Christian religion. Nostradamus used his racial and material inheritance to achieve respect. He was a friend of all parties and wrapped his life in mystery. Besides being a physician, he wrote scientific, pseudo-scientific and so-called artistic boks. He was a devoted visitor of the Church and received the Sacraments. The people thought of him as someone who secretly had joined Lutheranism. During his life, Nostradamus was a target of criticism. Some barbarians considered him to be an imposter and wrote an epigram in Latin, in which his name was interweaved, an epigram which could be applied to the Jews in all eras:

Nostra damus cum falsa damus,
nam fallere nostrum est;
Et cum falsa damus, nil nisi nostra damus

Fervers translated these words as follows:

Wir geben das Unsere, wenn Falsches wir geben,
Fälschen ist unser Werk;
Und wenn Falsches wir geben, geben wir nur das Unsere.

According to Fervers, the predictions by Nostradamus were only explained in connection with the past. He wrote that his critics were not caused by a prediction of Nostradamus which for Germany would be unfortunate. According to Fervers, quatrain 05-51, in which is written that England, Bohemia and Poland strongly join each other, could be applied to present times. Nostradamus however does not unveil the consequences of such an alliance. The remark in quatrain 05-52 that the ruler will be the one "who is resisted" does not give clarification. He hopes that Nostradamus will not be accused of lese-majesty because of quatrain 08-37, in which it reads that the fortress near the Thames will be ruined, that it will collaps and that the king who lives there, will cut a sorry figure on the bridge. In London, the Jews surely would regret such a thing.
Fervers thinks that a further discussion about Nostradamus, the value of his predictions or the value of predictions of other seers is useless. In connection with the future, it is better to cherish one's own strength and to become stronger. In every prophet, left or right, there is this world's child. Individuals as well as nations must know that whoever is strong, powerful and armed, has no need to fear the future or to ask anxious questions about it. The German pilots are busy to ruin the fortress near the Thames. Future will tell.


From an anti-Semitic point of view, Fervers described Nostradamus as a sly Jew who was friends with everybody, who managed to keep his true nature secret and whose ignorance was visible in the dark language of the Centuries, without being trapped. Between the lines, Fervers hold those who held the Centuries and similar predictions in high esteem, as blind followers.
In Prophete rechts, Prophete links..., Fervers wrote that he used Die erstaunlichen Bücher des Grossen Artztes, Sehers und Schicksals-Propheten Nostradamus in’s Deutsche übertragen und dem Verständnisse aufgeschlossen (E. Roesch, Stuttgart, 1850). This was the first Geman translation of the Centuries. In the next table, it is shown that Fervers' quotes from the quatrains 05-51, 05-52 and 08-37 are incomplete. In his quote from quatrain 05-51, the word Dacia is missing. In his quote from quatrain 05-52, the words Konig wird are missing and he contents himself with quoting the first three lines of quatrain 08-37. Fervers presents these quatrains as interpretations of the actual situation, as war predictions. However, he is not at all interested in their meaning. In his eyes, the German people better should ignore predictions, they should be strong, powerful and armed and trust the Luftwaffe, who is busy to destroy the fortresses near the Thames.

Roesch versus Fervers



Quatrain 05-51
Dacien, England, Böhmen auch und Polen
Schließen eng sich aneinander an,
Hercul's Säulenpaar zu überholen,
Barcien, Tuscien, spinnen bösen Plan.

Quatrain 05-51 (quote)
England, Böhmen auch und Polen schließen eng sich aneinander an.

Quatrain 05-52
König wird, dem man sich widersetzt,
Die Verbannten auf dem Thron gesetzt,
's Volk im Blut, die Kaste Hippolyt
Lange unter solche Fahne blüht.

Quatrain 05-52 (quote)
dem man sich widersetzt

Quatrain 08-37
Veste bei der Themse wird's erdrücken
Sie stürtzt ein, der König, welcher dort,
Zeiget sich im Hemde bei der Brücken,
Einer todt hervor dan aus dem Fort.

Quatrain 08-37 (quote)
Feste bei der Themse wird's erdrücken,
sie stürtzt ein, der König, welcher dort,
zeiget sich im Hemde bei der Brücken.

Carl Loog, the author of Die Weissagungen des Nostradamus (Pfullingen in Württemberg, 1921 [1920]), thought that Fervers misrepresented the facts. He wrote a letter, which was published in number 50 of Der Reichswart. This letter became entitled Prophete rechts - Prophete links - War Nostradamus wirklich Scharlatan und Betrüger?


Expression of thanks
I would like to thank Wilhelm Zannoth for his information about the quatrains which Fervers quoted from Roesch's translation.


De Meern, the Netherlands, November 26, 2006
T.W.M. van Berkel
updated on March 16, 2009



  1. This article might have been written by Hans Kurt Fervers (Fiebig to Van Berkel, October 24, 2006). Hans Kurt Fervers, born on September 18, 1911, was head of the NSDAP Press office. He occupied himself with the German youth and wrote a great number of publications, directed against Jews and freemasonry, such as Berliner Salons. Die Geschichte einer großen Verschwörung (Munich, 1940) and Die Hochgrade der Freimaurerei. Eine nationalsozialistische Streitschrift zur Politik der internationalen Freimaurerei (Bremen, 1942) ..
    See also:
    - Van Berkel: Information on Der Reichswart (a national-socialist weekly, Berlin, 1920-1944);
    - Van Berkel: Prophete rechts - Prophete links - War Nostradamus wirklich Scharlatan und Betrüger? (Nostradamus Scharlatan?) (C. Loog, Der Reichswart #50, Berlin, December 12, 1940). [text]


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