Les prophéties de Nostradamus (F. Beroud, printer, Paris, 1940)
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the Beroud-editionIn 1940-1941, the Deutsche Informationsstelle, a section of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in the Rauchstraße 27, Berlin-W35, produced a series of anonymous propaganda brochures, which consisted of 48 volumes. These brochures were published in ten languages. The German series was entitled Informations-Schriften. The French series was entitled Information Universelle.[1]
Volume 18 in the series Informations-Schriften, to which in this article is referred with the words Brochure-18-DE, was entitled Die Prophezeiungen des Nostradamus. In no way, the contents of this brochure are connected with an eponymous article by Elisabeth Noelle, published on June 16, 1940 in the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. The French translation of this brochure was published in 1940 as volume 18 in the series Information Universelle. This brochure consisted of 15 pages.
On p.496 of Repertoire Chronologique Nostradamique, the French Century-scholar Robert Benazra gave a short description of an 8-page brochure, published in 1940, also entitled Les prophéties de Nostradamus. According to the cover, this brochure was printed by F. Beroud, 25, rue Michel-le-Comte, Paris-3.

Like Brochure-18-FR, the Beroud-edition does not contain the name of the author. For the cover of the Beroud-edition, the cover of Brochure-18-FR has been used, which in its turn is a copy of the cover of Brochure-18-DE. On this cover, French quatrain texts are printed, from the lower left side to the upper right side. In the rectangular frame at the bottom of the cover, the text Numéro 18, INFORMATION UNIVERSELLE, EDITIONS EUROPEENNES PARIS, 1940 has been replaced by Beroud's name and address (IMPRIMERIE F. BEROUD 25 Rue Michel-le-Comte - Paris 3).
The text of the Beroud-edition does not contain pictures.

In the Beroud-edition, the text of Brochure-18-FR has been composed again, with the result that the text is printed on 8 pages instead of 15. It is not clear to me for what reason it was decided to compose the text again.
Like Brochure-18-FR, the text in the Beroud-edition is of one piece. In both versions, the quatrains are discussed in the same order and with the same comment, but the numbers of the discussed quatrains are not given.
The propaganda message of the Beroud-edition was that Nostradamus, who back in the sixteenth century predicted the beginning in 1939-1940 of the war and France's defeat, also had predicted the coming decline of England, famine in England, Hitler walking upon England's shores and that Germany would win the war.
Like in Brochure-18-FR, the text in the Beroud-edition of the first two lines of quatrain 05-94 is missing; the words La Grande Allemagne, borrowed from the first line of quatrain 05-94, are present. In the German and Dutch version of Brochure-18, however, the first two lines of quatrain 05-94 are present. The lacking of quatrain 05-94 in Brochure-18-FR and the Beroud-edition is, as far as I can see, the result of a disappearance of the text rather than the result of a deliberate omission. In both brochures, the German attack on May 10, 1940 on France is linked to quatrain 09-83 and the capitulation of Paris is linked to the quatrains 04-37 and 05-30. In other words, Germany's desire for expansion was not kept silent in these brochures.


Discussed quatrains in the Beroud-edition





01-01, 01-02

Method of Nostradamus 


08-76 Rise of Cromwell



Beheading of Charles I



Molotov - Von Ribbentrop pact, German attack on France, 1940



Beginning of the Westfeldzug, May 10, 1940


04-37 Progress German invasion in France, May-June 1940


05-30 Italy starts to participate in the war; capitulation of Paris



1939: German invasion in Poland which brings England into a crisis


10-100 Announcement of the end of the 300-year supremacy of England, which started in 1603
6 02-100 Chaos in England
6 03-71 Famine in England
6 02-75 Air raids on England, famine



Famine in England by a German blockade
7 02-05 England will be attacked on sea
7 05-74 Hitler will walk upon England's shores



Großdeutschland: the victorious Westfeldzug
8 03-58 Birth of Hitler
8 03-67 Rise of national-socialism


In the Beroud-edition, the closing lines on p.8 read like this:

Closing lines Beroud-edition

Au lecteur de nos jours il suffit de connaître les vers où le visionnaire a prédit les faits actuels, il y a précisément quatre cents ans.




In the Beroud-edition, the closing lines of Brochure-18-FR are missing. It is not clear if these lines fell off or if they were omitted deliberately. The closing lines of Brochure-18-FR, which are also present in the Dutch and German version of this brochure, refer to a.o. the first line of quatrain 10-31. The original text of this line reads: Le sainct empire viendra en Germanie.[2] In Brochure-18-DE, this line has been translated into Nach Deutschland wird kommen das Heilige Reich! It is this German line - not the original French text - which has been translated in the various versions of Brochure-18. In these translations, the word Nach was not translated in the meaning of "towards", but in the meaning of "after". As a result, the French line Brochure-18-FR reads: Après l'Allemagne viendra l'Empire Saint!. In the Dutch version, the same mistake has been made in the translation of the first line of quatrain 10-31.[3] 
Neither Brochure-18-FR, neither the Beroud-edition contains the original French quatrain texts and/or quatrain lines. The quatrain texts and lines in these brochures are translated from German into French. 

Closing lines Brochure-18-FR

Au lecteur de nos jours il suffit de connaître les vers où le visionnaire a prédit les faits actuels, il y a précisément quatre cents ans. "L'Invincible" n'est plus aujourd'hui, un personnage inconnu, comme il a été pendant trois siècles. L'époque du "Grand" a surgi et avec elle, la réalisation des oracles que Nostradamus a légués au monde. Terminons donc par cette prophétie:



There are many examples of national-socialist propaganda pamphlets which were brought into circulation in various versions. Opium in Indien for example, volume 4 in the series Informations-Schriften, written by Reinhard Frank, originally was part of the series England ohne Maske, a series of propaganda pamphlets which was also produced by the Deutsche Informationsstelle. In that series, that brochure was entitled Englands Herrschaft in Indien. In the case of the Beroud-edition, something else seems to be at stake. This edition appears not to be part of a series, but a stand-alone pamphlet. Perhaps further research will unveil the history of the origin of this edition.


Expression of thanks
The author wishes to thank mr. Robert Benazra for sending a copy of the Beroud-edition and Jacques Halbronn D.Litt for sending copies of the French and the German versions of Brochure-18.


De Meern, the Netherlands, December 20, 2006
T.W.M. van Berkel

updated on January 8, 2007


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

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