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This page contains a list of articles which have been updated in the past three months because of additional information or corrections. The additions and corrections are described briefly.
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Updated articles

Substudy "World War II": Was bringt das Jahr 1940?

Substudy "World War II": Nostradamus spådomar om kriget

Substudy "World War II": What will happen in the near future?

Since the study of the brochure Nostradamus Seer and Prophet .. Quatrains that Apply to Today pointed out that there is no correspondence with the brochure What will happen in the near future?, which correspondence was supposed by Edgar Leoni on page 99 in his book Nostradamus and his prophecies, the information in the above mentioned articles about Leoni's findings is deleted.

Substudy "World War II": Quatrain 03-57 and Die Weissagungen des Nostradamus
To the table of interpretations of quatrain 03-57 in the course of the centuries, those of Ward (1940) and Pelley (1941) are added.


Substudy "World War II": Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen?
Added to the paragraph "Counter-weight": a summary of a critical review of Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? in the evening-issue of the Rotterdam catholic daily De Maasbode, which in the forties was the biggest and most important catholic daily in the Netherlands. The author not only had scrutinized the contents of Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? but also the contents of the 1668-Amsterdam-edition of the Prophecies. His critical remarks were directed to war predictions in general, their compilers, the Prophecies of Nostradamus, Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? and the people who in times of trouble easily had themselves seduced by seers and mysteries and who were inclined to believe what they wanted to believe and to ignore what they wanted to ignore.


Substudy "World War II": Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn...
Inserted in the paragraph Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn... in newspapers in World War II: a summary of the review in the issue of March 13, 1942 of Storm - Blad der Nederlandsche SS. In this review, the contents of Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn... were blown into smithereens: a worthless book, filled with fantasies and forgery, published despite shortage of paper and affecting the national-socialist principle of free will. Apparently, Storm was not aware of the fact that the aim of  Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn... was to convince its readers of the inevitable German victory.
Further, it is added that the issue of February 12, 1942 of De Telegraaf contained a communication in which was stated that Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn... was not prohibited, which the next day was published in other dailys, and that an advertisement, published in the issue of February 28, 1942 of Het Dagblad voor IJmuiden - Velsen - Beverwijk - Driehuis - Santpoort was published the same day in the issue of the Oprechte Haarlemsche Courant.


Substudy "World War II": Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen?
A critical review of Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? in the issue of July 20, 1940 of De Zeeuw - Dagblad voor de provincie Zeeland shows that the copies of Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? which the Raad van Voorlichting der Nederlandsche Pers sent to daily's and weekly's, were accompanied by six "reviews". This might be the explanation for the identical reviews of Hoe zal deze oorlog eindigen? in daily's and weekly's.



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