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In the investigation upon which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, time schedules were discovered which deal with world history, predictions in the quatrains and predictions in the letters. On this page, these schedules are listed in tabular form. There is also a comparison of the data, given by Nostradamus, and biblical data.


World history: the millennium model
Nostradamus writes to Cesar that the Moon rules the sixth millennium, the Sun rules the seventh and Saturn the eighth. He also writes that the power of Saturn returns. In the investigation, it is assumed that Saturn rules both the eighth and the first millennium and that each of the other planets rules one millennium, according to the sequence of zodiacal signs: Aquarius (Saturn); Pisces (Jupiter); Aries (Mars); Taurus (Venus); Gemini (Mercury); Cancer (Moon); Leo (Sun).


Start End Ruler
1st 25-04-4174 BC 25-04-3174 BC Saturn
2nd 25-04-3174 BC 25-04-2174 BC Jupiter
3rd 25-04-2174 BC 25-04-1174 BC Mars
4th 25-04-1174 BC 25-04-  174 BC Venus
5th 25-04-  174 BC 25-04-  827 AD Mercury
6th 25-04-  827 AD 25-04-1827 AD Moon
7th 25-04-1827 AD 25-04-2827 AD Sun
8th 25-04-2827 AD 25-04-3827 AD Saturn


Predictions in the quatrains
The "imagination period" is the period in which Nostradamus got "imaginations" (visions, revelations) regarding events which would happen in the future. On the base of the moment he got those "imaginations", he erected a horary chart in order to determine the date and place of fulfilment.
The "last conflagration" is a reference in the letter to Cesar to an astrological configuration.

Date Description
16-10-1524 Start imagination period.
11-10-1553 Last imagination.
18-12-1553 Birth of Cesar.
27-02-1554 "Last conflagration", end imagination period.
01-03-1555 Date letter to Cesar; start time span.
09-11-3797 End time span, Satan released.
25-04-3827 End eighth millennium, end of the world.


The first set of predictions to Henry II
This set of predictions seems to be a summary of what Nostradamus predicted already in a number of quatrains in the eighth, ninth and tenth century.

Date Description
14-03-1557 Start time span.
27-06-1558 Date letter to Henry II.
25-04-1827 End time span, start 7th millennium.


The second set of predictions to Henry II
The "aspect period" is the period in 1606-1607 which is the foundation of the second set of predictions. Nostradamus determined the contents of these predictions, the fulfilment places and fulfilment data with astrology. There is no connection with the quatrains.

Date Description
27-06-1558 Date letter to Henry II.
31-12-1605 Start aspect period.
01-01-1606 Start time span.
24-02-1607 End aspect period.
25-04-2827 Start "golden age Saturn" (8th millennium, 1000-year kingdom, Satan imprisoned).
09-11-3797 Satan released.
25-04-3827 End 8th millennium, end of the world.


Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible
Nostradamus has calculated data for a number of biblical events. Most of these data are based on the millennium model. In the Bible, no such data are given.
Nostradamus gives astrological configurations only for the date on which the world will end. The configuration of February 27, 1554, is the end date of the "imagination period". The configuration of February 24, 1607, is the end date of the "aspect period".
According to Nostradamus, the end of the world coincides with the end of the eighth millennium. Because of this, he counts 970 years for the time span of the biblical kingdom of 1000 years. He writes to Henry II that this time span is around 1000 years. In the Bible, the time span of the kingdom of 1000 years is 1000 years. Satan is released after the end of these 1000 years.

Date Nostradamus Astrology Biblical event
25-04-4174 BC Creation of the world, start 1st millennium


Creation of the world
(Genesis 1,1)
25-12-      1 BC Birth of Jesus


Birth of Jesus
(Matthew 1, Luke 2)
25-04-2827 AD Start 8th millennium, Satan imprisoned


Start kingdom of 1000 years
(Revelations 20,4)
09-11-3797 AD Satan released


Satan released
(Revelations 20,3 and 7)
25-04-3827 AD End 8th millennium, end of the world. 27-02-1554 and
Last Judgment, new heaven and earth
(Revelations 20,11 - 21,1)


De Meern, April 2, 2003
T.W.M. van Berkel


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