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Epistle to Henry II

...[the quatrains] having only one sense and meaning, and nothing ambiguous or amphibological is inserted...

The "reference number system" is not a prediction system, but a way of describing fulfilment years. This system can be applied to those quatrains, in which years are mentioned. Seven quatrains are at stake.


Description of the reference number system
The most early year which is mentioned in the quatrains is the year 580 in quatrain 06-02. In this quatrain, also the year 703 is mentioned. The most remote year is the year 1999, mentioned in quatrain 10-72. In other quatrains, the years 1607, 1609, 1700 and 1727 are mentioned. The year 1607 is mentioned in two quatrains.
Many investigators think that these years belong to the period 1580-1999. According to them, the year 580 is an abbreviation of the year 1580 and the year 703 is an abbreviation of the year 1703. In Nostradamus' lifetime, such abbreviations were common.[1]  However, these investigators can not explain why this way of abbreviating was not used constantly.

The passage in the letter to Henry II shows that Nostradamus did not play tricks in his calculations. In the investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, the assumption was that the numerical value of these years have to be used without any restriction.
The time span of the quatrains starts at March 1, 1555, and ends on November 9, 3797. The years 580 and 703 are far before this time span. The other years are within this time span. It is strange that Nostradamus, if he means the year 1999 AD in the case of the year 1999, does not mention any year between 1999 and 3797. It is also strange that he mentions years which are not within the time span.

The enigma of the years can be solved in a very easy way: to look at the years as numbers in a series of years. The figures of these years are smaller than 2242, the number of years of the time span of the quatrains. This led to the "reference number system". 
The idea behind the "reference number system" is that the years, mentioned in the quatrains, are not years, but reference numbers in the series of years between 1555 and 3797. Each year (and if present, further time specifications) has to be added to March 1, 1555, the beginning date of the time span of the quatrains. The year 580 for example is the 580th year in the series of 2242 years. In fact, it is the year 2132. The year 1999 is the 1999th year in the series of 2242 years, counted from March 1, 1555. This year is in fact the year 3554.


Undefined periods

Quatrain 03-57
Seven times you will see the British nation change,
Steeped in blood in two hundred ninety years.
France not at all supported by Germanic,
Aries doubts his Bastarnian pole.

Quatrain 03-94
For five hundred years more one will not keep count of him
Who was the ornament of his time
Then suddenly great light he will give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

Quatrain 10-100
The great empire will be for England,
The all-powerful one for more than three hundred years.
Great forces to pass by sea and land,
The Lusitanians will not be satisfied thereby.

There are no references in these quatrains to the year 1555 or to March 1, 1555, the beginning of the time span of the quatrains. Because of this, no fulfilment years or fulfilment periods have been calculated. The reference number system can not be applied to these three quatrains.


Analysis of the "year quatrains"
The name "year quatrains" is given to those quatrains which contain years which should be converted to fulfilment years by means of the reference number system. The pages on which these quatrains are analyzed briefly, can be opened by clicking on the hyperlinks below.
In a number of cases, comments of other Century-scholars such as prof. Pierre Rodrigue Brind'Amour (Les premières centuries ou prophéties, 1996), Jacques Halbronn D.Litt. (numerous publications on Internet) and dr. Christian Wöllner (Das Mysterium des Nostradamus, 1926), are also included.



T.W.M. van Berkel


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

  1. In one of his publications, Cesar wrote the year 1546 as 546 (Leroy, p.66). [text]


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