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Letter to Cesar
...While we are now guided by the influence of the Moon, [...] by means of the eternal God before she has completed her entire circuit, the Sun will come and then Saturn, for according to the signs in the heavens, the reign of Saturn will return and the world approaches a revolution that will bring death and will renew life...

Epistle to Henry II
...After this era took very long, one will almost have reached another renewal by another rulership of Saturn, who brings a golden age...

Quatrain 01-48
Twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed
Seven thousand years another will hold his monarchy
When the Sun will reach its tired days
Then my prophecy is accomplished and finished

Quatrain 10-74
At the turn of the great seventh number
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennial age
When those who entered, will go out from their tombs.

One of the most important results of the investigation is the establishing of the astrological time model Nostradamus developed to calculate the number of years of existence of the world. In the investigation, this model is called the "millennium model". In this article, some of the backgrounds of this model are discussed.

The given fragments from the letter to Cesar show that Nostradamus calculates with eight millennia, eight periods of a thousand years. The Moon rules the sixth millennium, the Sun the seventh and Saturn the eighth. Nostradamus calculates 8.000 years for the existence of the world. The beginning of world's existence coincides with the Creation, as described in Genesis. The end of world's existence coincides with the vanishing of the world after the Last Judgment, as described in Revelations.
From the letters to Cesar and Henry II, it is clear that Saturn rules two millennia. Nostradamus writes to Cesar that his power returns; he writes to Henry II that he brings another rulership. In the investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, it is supposed that Saturn also rules the first millennium. Roussat writes that Saturn is supposed to be the oldest planet. The first hour of the first day on which Sun and Moon were created, is ruled by Saturn.
Saturn rules the first millennium, in which the eternal sin occurs, and the eighth millennium, which corresponds with the biblical kingdom of one thousand years. In the beginning of the first millennium, Satan overcomes God; in the beginning of the eighth millennium God overcomes Satan. The impact of Saturn, who is supposed to rule these millennia, differs in the first millennium totally from the eighth millennium. It is possible Nostradamus points to this fact in his letter to Henry II. The return of Gods rulership can be seen as a golden age.

Nostradamus does not write which planets rule the second, third, fourth and fifth millennium. In the investigation, it is supposed that the remaining planets are at stake: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. There are two possibilities. The first one is that the order of the millenniumrulers is the same as the order of the era-rulers in the model, developed by Abraham Ibn Ezra, as described by Roussat.[2] In that model, each planet has a sphere, which is stretching up high. The eighth sphere is the sphere of the stars, which stretches in latitude. In that case, Venus rules the second millennium, Jupiter the third, Mercury the fourth and Mars the fifth. The second possibility is that the order or the millenniumrulers is based on the order of zodiacal signs, beginning with Aquarius, which sign is ruled by Saturn. Thus, Jupiter rules the second millennium, Mars the third, Venus the fourth and Mercury the fifth.

In quatrain 01-48, the first seven millennia are described. Nostradamus points in the first line to twenty years of his life, which is in the sixth millennium, ruled by the Moon. In the second line, he points to Satan, who is in charge for 7000 years, from the moment of eternal sin until the beginning of the kingdom of one thousand years. In the third line, he writes about the end of the seventh millennium, ruled by the Sun.

In quatrain 10-74, Nostradamus describes the transition of the seventh millennium into the eighth. In this quatrain, he describes in his own words Revelations 19. The "game of slaughter" is the battle, in which the beast, the false prophet and their followers are killed. This war takes place shortly before the kingdom of one thousand years, which is mentioned in the third line. The ones who go out of their tombs after entering, is a hint to the "First Resurrection" in Revelations 20, the resurrection of the martyrs who died because of their testimony of Jesus. 

Analysis of the millennium quatrains
The words "millennium quatrain" mean that in these quatrains there are references to the millennium model. The pages on which these quatrains are briefly analyzed, can be opened by clicking on the hyperlinks below.
In a number of cases, comments of other Century-scholars such as prof. Pierre Rodrigue Brind'Amour (Les premières centuries ou prophéties, 1996), Jacques Halbronn D.Litt. (numerous publications on Internet) and dr. Christian Wöllner (Das Mysterium des Nostradamus, 1926), are also included.


T.W.M. van Berkel


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

  1. Roussat, p.91-92. According to Roussat, Adam was created on a Friday, during the hour which was ruled by the Sun (Roussat, p.50). [text]

  2. Roussat, p. 91-92. [text]


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