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Letter to Cesar
...By this [mundane astrology] and by inspiration and divine revelation and with ongoing calculations I wrote my prophecies...

...One of them [of the main causes] lights the clarifying, supernatural light in the one who predicts with astronomy, inspiration and imagination... the hours of the night, when one is deepened in observing the highest of the skies...

Epistle to Henry II
...Most of these [the nightly made prophecies] are composed on the base of astronomical calculations regarding the years, months and weeks in relation to the countries, regions and most of the cities and villages in all Europe and Africa and part of Asia...

The composing process of the quatrains
The first two fragments from the letter to Cesar show which elements played a  part in the composing process of the quatrains. Nostradamus got revelations, visions. In the investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, these revelations were called "imaginations". They contain the nature of the forthcoming events and, as he wrote to Cesar, details about the locations, such as buildings, bridges and the like.
Nostradamus completed the imaginations with what he called "inspiration". One can only guess the nature of this inspiration. This might have been mythology or history.
Nostradamus also completed the imaginations with mundane or judiciary astrology. This is the kind of astrology which deals with all what happens in the world in the broadest sense.

The fragment of the letter to Henry II shows the functions of mundane astrology. By mundane astrology, Nostradamus determined which countries, regions, cities and villages would be involved when the imaginations would be fulfilled. The second function of mundane astrology was to unveil the fulfilment data of the forthcoming events. This means that Nostradamus used a progression system. This is the CD4-system, the system in which one degree of motion of the Caput Draconis equals four fulfilment years.[1] It means that the zodiacal longitudes, mentioned in the quatrains, occurred during his life in a relatively short period, compared with the time span of the quatrains (2242 years).


The horary chart system: the composing data of the quatrains
The third fragment from the letter to Cesar shows that Nostradamus got the imaginations between sunset and sunrise. This is also written in numerous other lines in the letters to Cesar and Henry II.
The imaginations do no contain information about where and when events will occur. Nostradamus got this information by applying mundane astrology.
In the investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, the astrological method of Nostradamus is called the "horary chart system". The basic idea behind this system is that Nostradamus, after an imagination, calculated a horary chart. With this chart, he determined where and when the events which he saw, would occur. The hour of the horary chart was the hour on which he got the imagination. The coordinates of the horary chart were the coordinates of the place where he was when he got the imagination.
The investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, showed that the zodiacal longitudes which are mentioned in the quatrains, occurred between October 16, 1524, and February 27, 1554. This period is called the "imagination period". There are 19 quatrains which contain enough astrological references to determine the configuration date. These quatrains are called the "horary chart quatrains".
The horary chart system shows when a quatrain was composed. Together with the CD4-system, the horary chart system shows when a quatrain will be fulfilled.


Sequence of the quatrains
Nostradamus got more than 900 imaginations and wrote them down in the shape of quatrains. A part of the quatrains can be put in chronological order by applying the horary chart system and the CD4-system.[2] The horary chart system and the CD4-system show that the sequence of the quatrains is caused by the motion of the planets in the zodiac. This means that Nostradamus got the imaginations in chronological order and later, in his book, arranged then at random.


Astrological references in the quatrains
Application of the horary chart system makes it possible to some extent to analyse astrological references in the quatrains. However, such an analysis will never be sufficient.
The information in the quatrains is too much insufficient to derive when and at what time Nostradamus got the imaginations on which he founded his predictions. It is not possible to derive the exact location where he was when he got an imagination. In the imagination period, there were four periods of wandering and traveling: 1521-1529, 1532-1533, 1538-1544 and 1547-1551. If the date of an astrological reference is in one of these periods, it is not possible to determine where Nostradamus was at that date.
Nostradamus studied in Montpellier from October 1529 until 1532. He lived and worked in Agen from 1533 until 1538. He worked in Marseille in 1544. In May 1546, he worked in Aix-en-Provence. Later that year, he settled in Salon-de-Provence. IF the date of an astrological reference is in one of these periods, the horary chart is calculated for the place where he lived. It is however possible that he was on an entirely different location at the time of an imagination.

In some kinds of mundane astrology, the standard is to predict what will happen in he world, when it will happen and in what time span (pre- and aftereffect) on the base of full aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions). In the case of the quatrains, however, the "what" is not determined by astrological aspects, since it is revealed by imaginations. This means that whenever an astrological aspect is mentioned in a quatrain, this aspect is not always a full aspect. It also means that it is not always the case that the astrological configuration which is involved, contains an aspect. The imagination does not coincide with the appearance of an aspect (full or not). This means that the references in the quatrains must be analyzed carefully. For example: quatrain 01-52.

Quatrain 01-52
Source text: 2000-Chomarat-facsimile

Les deux malins de Scorpion conioinct,
Le gand seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle:
Peste à l'Eglise par le nouueau roy ioinct,
L'Europe basse & Septentrionale.

Translation (Van Berkel, 2002)
The two wicked ones conjoined in Scorpio,
The Grand Sire murdered in his hall:
Plague to the Church by the King newly joined,
Europe south and northerly.

In the first line, a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is mentioned. In the imagination period, this conjunction occurred only once: on January 31, 1542, 01:58:43 GMT. These facts were supposed to be the composing date and the composing time of this quatrain. It is however possible that a date and/or time is at stake, on which this conjunction was not yet full or already passed by. January 31, 1542, is in one of the wandering periods of Nostradamus. It is not known where he was exactly.

In a number of quatrains there are not only astrological references, but also references to fulfilment data. Together, these references must show the composing data and the fulfilment data. For example: quatrain 08-48.

Quatrain 08-48
Source text: 2000-Chomarat-facsimile

Saturne en Cancer,Iupiter auec Mars,
Dedans Feurier Chaldondon saluaterre.
Sault Castallon assailly de trois pars,
Pres de Verbiesque conflit  mortelle guerre.

Translation (Van Berkel, 2002)
Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter with Mars:
In February "Chaldondon Salvaterre"
The Sierra Moreña assailed from three sides,
Near Verbiesque conflict, mortal war.

In the first line, a part of the configuration is given: Saturn in Cancer and a Mars-Jupiter conjunction. Nostradamus does not mention the zodiacal sign in which the conjunction occurs.
In the second line, February is mentioned, the month of fulfilment, but Nostradamus does not mention the year of fulfilment.
In the imagination period, Saturn was located in Cancer from June 7, 1532, until July 20, 1534. In this period, only once a Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurred: on December 26, 1532, at daytime.
February is the month of fulfilment. In order to determine the precise date, the composing date was supposed to be December 26, 1532, and a time moment of 0:00:00 GMT was chosen. On the base of these data, the zodiacal longitude of the Caput Draconis was calculated. From this position, the date of fulfilment was calculated: February 10, 2189.


Analysis of the horary chart quatrains
The words "horary chart quatrain" mean that such a quatrain contains astrological references with which a horary chart can be calculated, the chart Nostradamus calculated after an imagination. Clicking one of the hyperlinks below gives access to the analysis.
In a number of horary chart quatrains, the comments of other Century-scholars like prof. Pierre Rodrigue Brind'Amour (Les premières centuries ou prophéties, 1996), Jacques Halbronn D.Litt. (numerous publications on Internet) and dr. Christian Wöllner (Das Mysterium des Nostradamus, 1926), are also described.


T.W.M. van Berkel



  1. See Prediction systems. [text]
  2. See Sequence quatrains. [text]

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