The value of the predictions
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Letter to Cesar
...Our descendants will go through all these things and they will see that all these events will occur irrevocably...

Epistle to Henry II
I notice that, if I want to, I can give the time for each quatrain; I could do so by astrological as well as by other means, even I could draw this from the Bible, who can never fail...

The investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, clarified many things regarding his methods and ideas. It is a fact that he counted 8.000 years for the existence of the world. The year 3797, the last year of the time span of the quatrains, is an AD-year, which does not need to be recalculated.
Nostradamus was convinced of the fact that God gave him revelations in the form of "imaginations" (visions) and after each imagination he casted a horoscope in order to determine where and when would occur what he had seen. He got his first imagination in October 1524; at that time he was 20 years.

Astrology takes a prominent place in the methods of Nostradamus. It has shown that Nostradamus worked with his own astrological concepts, which sometimes were in contrast to the current ideas in his time.

In the case of the Prophecies, we are dealing with a great, voluminous work, in which Nostradamus tried to describe the future of the world as he knew it for a very long time, more than 2.200 years. Such a tour de force deserves the predicate opus magnum

In the investigation, it was possible to establish the writing dates and fulfilment dates of 39 quatrains. This is about 4% of the total number of 942 quatrains. Despite this small percentage, it was possible to evaluate the prediction value of both the quatrains and the letters.
The evaluation result is negative. The predictions in the quatrains and letters will not be fulfilled. This conclusion is based upon for example the obsoleteness of the millennium model. Nostradamus uses the Bible as a reliable source of data. In his vision, the world was created on April 25, 4174 BC. In our time, archaeology showed that the world exists since millions of years and the "homo sapiens sapiens" since 40.000 years. This means that the period in which the world exists, from creation until perish, can not be framed in an astrological structure of 8000 years.
The 942 quatrains are supposed to be fulfilled in a period of 2242 years, from 1555 until 3797. Averagely, in each 1000 years, 419 quatrains should become fulfilled. The time span of the quatrains runs far into the eighth millennium, which corresponds with the biblical kingdom of 1000 years. Nostradamus writes that in this period, from 2827 until 3797, Satan is locked up and the Church returns to her greatest power. He characterizes this period as a "golden age". If the world's evil is chained, there will be no wars, disasters or epidemics. In almost all quatrains, however, wars, disasters and epidemics are predicted. Also in the quatrains from which is established that they must be fulfilled in the eighth millennium, wars, disasters and epidemics are predicted. The conclusion is that those quatrains that have to be fulfilled in the eighth millennium, are contradictory with the nature of this millennium.


T.W.M. van Berkel


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