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Epistle to Henry II
...most of them [the quatrains] have been integrated with astronomical calculations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries, and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, Africa and part of Asia...

Quatrain 01-48
Twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed
Seven thousand years another will hold his monarchy
When the Sun will take its tired days
Then my prophecy is accomplished and finished.

A number of commentators think that the astrological hints in the quatrains mean that Nostradamus calculated the zodiacal longitude of the planets during the time span (1555-3797).[1] This idea implies that they think it was possible in the 16th century to calculate for a period of 2242 years the zodiacal longitude of the planets and the Caput Draconis per 24 hours. This means a total of more than 6 million complex calculations, a task which is impossible to perform.
In the investigation on which Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible is based, the quoted fragment of the letter to Henry II led to the conclusion that Nostradamus used a progression system, an astrological prediction key with which the movement of an astrological factor is turned into time, in order to calculate fulfilment data.
In the investigation, it is supposed because of quatrain 01-48, that the zodiacal longitudes which are given in the quatrains, occurred during the life of Nostradamus (1503-1566). In the first line, he mentions twenty years of his life. This can be explained as a hint to have become visions for a period of (at least) twenty years.
Nostradamus gives predictions in the quatrains and the letters to Cesar and Henry II. The investigation showed that he used two progression systems. In this abstract, those fragments in the letters will be discussed which point to these systems. 


  1. For example Christian Wöllner in Das mysterium des Nostradamus (1926, Leipzig). A number of his research results can be read in Leoni's NOstradamus And His Prophecies. The book has been reproduced almost completely in Amadou's L'astrologie de Nostradamus - dossier.  [text]


The CD4-system: predictions in the quatrains 


Letter to Cesar
...This happens shortly before the last conflagration, when the planet Mars accomplishes its cycle and is in the last part of it, and again will begin a new rotation...

The "last conflagration" points to a conjunction of a planet (the Moon excepted) with the Sun. This conflagration occurs in Pisces, the last zodiacal sign. It means that the Sun, after the conjunction with a planet in Pisces, has no more conjunctions i that sign. It also means that Mars is in Pisces, behind the Sun.
This situation occurred on February 27, 1554. On that date, Mars was located on 15:38:00 Pisces. The Sun and Saturn were conjunct on 18:50:37 Pisces. No more conjunctions of the Sun with a planet in Pisces took place after this conjunction. There were also no conjunctions with the Moon or the Caput Draconis.

The "last conflagration" is also a way of describing the "second death", which occurs at the Last Judgment. After the Last Judgment, there will be a new heaven and a new earth and there will no more be death by fire.
Nostradamus points in this fragment to April 25, 3827, the end date of the eighth millennium, as well as to February 27, 1554, the end date of the period in which he has got visions. This means that he is using a progression system.
According to quatrain 01-48, Nostradamus got visions during at least 20 years. Checking the zodiacal longitudes of Saturn, as given in the quatrains, it turned out that this period lasted at least 26 years.

Nostradamus does not unveil the beginning date of this period. In the investigation, the beginning date is calculated by means of extrapolating the movement of the Caput Draconis. Thus, the beginning date which is calculated, is October 16, 1524. The Caput Draconis is the factor with which fulfilment dates are calculated. The time enlargement factor is 4. The progression system is called the CD4-system:

one degree moving of the Caput Draconis
equals with four fulfilment years in the time span of the quatrains

Nostradamus calculates the advancing time with a factor, which moves backwards with a constant daily speed.

The year 1524 was extremely important for astrologers at that time, because of the large number of conjunctions which occurred. In some parts of France, the end of the world was expected. This was based on amongst others predictions in the Mirabilis Liber, made by Johannes Lichtenberger. In the investigation, the thought came up that Nostradamus was inspired by the Mirabilis Liber,  in which book also explanations are given regarding revelations and visions.[1]


  1. Crouzet, p5. [text]


The CD100-system: the second set of predictions to Henry II 


Epistle to Henry II
...A conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury is followed by a square of Mars and Mercury and the Caput Draconis will be with a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter...

This fragment is an introduction to a second set of predictions in the letter to Henry II. It is preceded by a list of retrograde periods of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Next, Nostradamus lists zodiacal positions in sign (not in longitude) of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the Caput Draconis. He does not mention the year in which this all occurs. This series of predictions is not based on visions, but only on astrological explanations.

The investigation showed that the positions in sign, given by Nostradamus, occur shortly before midnight in the night from December 31, 1605, to January 1, 1606, Julian Calendar.[1]
After the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury on January 6, 1606, there are four squares of Mars and Mercury, i.e. January 6, March 13, August 11 and November 1, 1606. Nostradamus does not specify which square he has in mind.
On January 19, 1606, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. This conjunction is in trine aspect with the Caput Draconis in Libra. From the period December 31, 1605 until January 19, 1606, no progression system can be derived.

On February 24, 1607, almost four months after the last square between Mars and Mercury, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter on 15:25:10 Pisces. This conjunction is in opposition with the Caput Draconis in 12:40:49 Virgo.
On December 31, 1605, the Caput Draconis is on 4:53:36 Libra. The distance of the Caput Draconis between December 31, 1605 and February 24, 1607, is 22:12:47. In decimals: 22,2131.
The fulfilment period of the second set of predictions in the letter to Henry II runs from January 1, 1606, until April 25, 3827. This is 2221 years and 115 days. In decimals: 2221,31. 

The Caput Draconis is the factor with which fulfilment dates are calculated. The time enlargement factor is 100. The progression system is called the CD100-system:

one degree movement of the Caput Draconis
equals one hundred years of fulfilment 
in the second set of predictions to Henry II

Nostradamus once again calculates the advancing time with a factor, which moves constantly backwards.

This progression system confirms the arithmetical correctness of the millennium model. The end date of the millennium model is also the end date of the time span of the second set of predictions to Henry II.


T.W.M. van Berkel



  1. All data in this abstract are according to the Julian Calendar, which was used in the time of Nostradamus. He died in 1566. In 1582, the Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar. To obtain Gregorian data, 10 days have to be added to these data according to the Julian Calendar. [text]


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