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Introduction to Nostradamus: voorspellingen voor de 21e eeuw (M. Dimde)
- T.W.M. van Berkel -

Nederlandse versie

Translation of an introduction to the fifth reprint (2003) of the Dutch edition of Manfred Dimde's
Nostradamus: Prophezeiungen für das 21. Jahrhundert.


Dimde NL

The circumstances in the world are subject to change. In the 80’s, there were major changes in Eastern Europe, beginning with Gorbachev’s “Perestroika”. When in 1989 the Berlin Wall was pulled down and the Cold War came to an end, a world-wide peace seemed to be within reach, also for the Middle East. 

In the 21st century, this perspective seems to be shattered. The attack on the World Trade Centre, the war in Iraq, the conflict between the Israeli and the Palestine, the threat of a nuclear escalation of a crisis between the United States and North Korea: a sad beginning of the new century. In Europe and Southeast Asia, the tensions regarding Muslims increase. The rivers in Europe burst their banks regularly, causing great damages. Worldwide, there are health problems such as AIDS, SARS, global warming, increasing famine and a disproportional distribution of scarce wealth. Many people wonder what will be the result of all this. Some look in old prophecies for answers to the question how the future, which is also our future, will be. 

The French physician/astrologer Nostradamus (1503-1566) is famous and abused because of his “Prophecies”. They consist of a series of 942 predictions, running from 1555 to 3797. They are written as quatrains, four-line verses, and classed in nine “centuries” (chapters) of one hundred quatrains and one with 42 quatrains. They are accompanied by letters from Nostradamus to Cesar, his oldest son, and the French king Henry II. 

Nostradamus predicts events like wars, religious conflicts, calamities and epidemics. According to him, these disastrous events, which will also happen in our lifetime, are the inevitable impact of Gods verdict over humanity.

There are countless theories about the way Nostradamus composed his Prophecies. The opinions about their predictional value are sharply divided. Many attribute to Nostradamus that he predicted the death of Henry II (1559), the fire in London (1566) and the rise and fall of Napoleon (1801-1815) and Hitler (1933-1945). Others state that the Prophecies never will be fulfilled. They doubt his astrological qualities or his mental abilities.

One of the quatrains seems to refer to a total solar eclipse in August 1999. When 1999 passed quietly, the interest in the writings of Nostradamus decreased. At present, there is an increasing interest, also because in 2003 his 500th birthday is celebrated.

Since 1983, the German scholar Manfred Dimde studies the Prophecies. In 1985, he discovered a key by which he interprets all quatrains. He wrote among other books: Das Siegel des Nostradamus, Nostradamus 2003 and Welt am Wendepunkt: Nostradamus Prophezeiungen für das 21. Jahrhundert, which translation is now in front of you. A number of his books is translated in English, Japanese, Lathvian and Russian. The book in which Dimde wrote his translation of the quatrains and letters, is no longer in print, but is available on Internet after paying a fee.
The French source texts, used by Dimde, are a facsimile edition of the 1611-Troyes-edition and a partly facsimile edition of an edition, published in 1605 by Vincent Sève.

According to Dimde, Nostradamus was not only guided by his own clairvoyant qualities while composing the Prophecies. He was especially inspired by the prophets of the Old Testament. Dimde writes that Nostradamus inherited the "prophecies of Abraham" from his grandfather. In some circles, these prophecies are considered to be the origin of predictions. In the quatrains, the apocalyptic message of Abraham was clarified.

The research of Dimde is based on intuition, linguistics and mathematics. In contrast to most scholars, he states that the quatrains are ordered chronologically instead of at random. The chapter number of each century points to the century of fulfilment. The number of each quatrain points to the year of fulfilment. Quatrain V-55 points to 1555, the opening year. Quatrain IX-99 contains predictions for 1999. Quatrain X-03 contains predictions for 2003. Quatrain V-54 contains predictions for 2554. Then, the quatrains run for a second time, for the period 2555-3554.

In order to interpret the quatrains, Dimde uses the "Vatican code", a letter code by which letters are classed in a rhomb. Dimde also uses systems of three and five letters to derive the meaning which, according to him, is hidden in the quatrains. This technique results in "headlines".

The text of the quatrains is not the result of a usual translation. Dimde rewrote the quatrains as a result of his decoding. There are enormous differences with the usual translation, such as in the case of quatrain X-100. The French text:

Le grand Empire sera par Angleterre,
Le Pempotan des ans plus de trois cens: 
Grandes copies passer par mer et terre,
Les Lusitains n’en seront pas contents.

The English translation by Edgar Leoni in Nostradamus and his Prophecies:

The great empire will be for England,
The all-powerful one for more than three hundred years:
Great forces to pass by sea and land,
The Lusitanians will not be satisfied thereby.

Dimde lists this quatrain as quatrain IX-100. He writes that it contains a prediction for 2000. The resulting text of his decoding: 

The great dominion will be established by the angel-country
To the double clumsy spirit for more than 300 years.
Great serial vessels will pass by the sea and the land  
Those with a clever mind will not be happy with it.

The revised numbering raises a problem. According to Dimde, the reference numbers of the quatrains contain the years of fulfilment. In the 1605-Sève edition and the 1611-Troyes-edition, the text of quatrain X-100 reads like quoted in this essay in French and in the translation by Leoni. In both editions, quatrain X-100 is followed by an additional quatrain. Dimde numbered this additional quatrain as quatrain X-100 and states that 2100 is its year of fulfilment. To the original quatrain X-100, he gave the number IX-100. With this act, he wiped out the original quatrain IX-100.

Something similar happened to the "Legis cautio", the Latin warning against inept critics. Originally, this quatrain had no number. In the 1611-Troyes-edition, this quatrain came next to quatrain VI-99. In the 1605-Sève-edition, this quatrain came next to the - added - quatrain VI-100. Dimde listed the "Legis cautio" as quatrain IV-100. According to him, Nostradamus has put this quatrain at the place which marks the beginning of the text about the first millennium after publishing his "Great Prophecies", in other words: quatrain V-01. In the system of Dimde, quatrain V-01 deals with 2501, about 1000 years after 1555, the opening year.
By this numbering, Dimde wipes out the original quatrain IV-100.
On his website, Dimde writes that the "Legis cautio" is situated at the beginning of century VI.

Dimde describes the 21st century by means of decoding the quatrains X-01 until X-99. His explanations are crystal clear. Around 2070, medical scientists will succeed in extend the age of man until averagely 400 years. Europe will have three periods of prosperity. The first of these periods will start soon and will endure until around 2010. Discoveries will be made regarding space travel and energy sources.

Dimde also describes a global war which will take place from 2011 to 2015. In this war, 2/3 of the inhabitants of Europe will be killed and 3/4 of the Muslims. The fighting parties will heavily use chemical weapons. Around 2018, the Christians decide to take a bloody revenge on the Muslims. Around 2042, another period of peace will begin.

Dimde comprehensively describes his interpretation techniques. By this, one can study the quatrains and form an opinion about his methods. Each decoded quatrain has a fulfilment year. All prognoses can be checked.

On his website, Dimde discusses the quatrains which, according to him, are expired. He describes to what extent they became fulfilled. He does not claim his absolute rightfulness, which is to his credit.

In the series of books about Nostradamus, the oeuvre of Dimde is striking. He invites you to deepen yourself in what Nostradamus might have to say about our time.


T.W.M. van Berkel
Author of Nostradamus, astrologie en de Bijbel


Author: Manfred Dimde
Published by Tirion publishers BV, Baarn, NL
ISBN 90 4390 531 3



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