Quatrain 10-74: transition into the eighth millennium
- T.W.M. van Berkel -

Nederlandse versie

Comment by Van Berkel

Source text: 2000-Chomarat-facsimile
An reuolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au temps Ieux d'Hacatombe,
Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme.
Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.

Translation (Van Berkel, 2002)
At the turn of the great seventh number
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennial age
When those who entered, will go out from their tombs.

Van Berkel categorizes this quatrain as a millennium quatrain.
The first line. The "turn of the great seventh number" is the transition of the seventh millennium into the eighth. This transition will happen in 2827, which year is the fulfilment year of this quatrain.
The second line. The "games of slaughter" refer to the war which is described in Revelations 19,21, in which the followers of the beast and the false prophet are killed. In his letter to Cesar, Nostradamus writes about this war, using the words that Saturn brings a revolution, which brings death.
The third line. The "great millennial age" is the biblical kingdom of one thousand years, the eighth millennium. In the letter to Henry II, this millennium is called: the golden age, brought by Saturn.
The fourth line. Those "who entered and go out from their tombs" are the martyrs who, according to Revelations 20,4, died because of their testimony of Jesus. They resurrect from the dead and rule with Jesus during a thousand years, like kings. Nostradamus refers to this in his letter to Cesar with the remark that Saturn "renews life". He refers to this also in his letter to Henry II, with the remark that the Church will return to its greatest power. 


Comment by Wöllner

Source text: Le Pelletier, 1867
An reuolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe:
Non esloigné du grand aage milliesme,
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.

Translation (Wöllner, 1926)
Ist das Jahr vollendet der grossen Siebenzahl,
so erscheint den augen die Zeit des Hundertopfers,
die nicht entfernt ist von dem grossen tausendjährigen Zeitalter,
wo die Begrabenen aus ihrem Grabe auferstehen.

According to Wöllner, a millennium lasts 1002,0833 years, being the half of a period of 2004,16 years, which period is 10 times the length of an "elementary triangle", a period of about 200 years in which Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in the signs of one of the four astrological elements (fire, earth, water and air). The first millennium starts in 4220 BC, the eighth millennium starts in 2725 AD and ends in 3797 AD, the last year of the time span of the quatrains.[1]
As for quatrain 10-74, Wöllner writes that the words An reuolu du grand nombre septiesme refer to (-4220 + 8000) 3797 AD. He does not discuss connections between this quatrain and Revelations 19 and 20.


Comment by Brind'Amour

Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme,
Apparoistra au temps jeux d'Hecatombe,
Non esloigné du grand aage milliesme,
Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.

In his comment, Brind'Amour writes that the resurrection of the dead will take place at the end of the seventh millennium, at the verge of the eighth. According to him, the words jeux d'Hecatombe deal with the Olympic Games, which take place in the month Hecatombion, the first month in the Athenian calendar, a calendar system in which the year begins on the first New Moon after the solar solstice. Brind'Amour does not link this quatrain with the paragraph in the Epistle to Henry II in which the beginning of the biblical kingdom of one thousand years, although he links this paragraph with what in Revelations 20, 1-6 is written about the beginning of this kingdom.[3]



De Meern, the Netherlands, February 15, 2004
T.W.M. van Berkel
updated on September 10, 2009


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

  1. Wöllner, p.25. Regarding an "elementary triangle", Brind'Amour counts with 240 years (see quatrain 01-16).  [text]

  2. Wöllner, p.68.  [text]

  3. Brind'Amour-1993a, p.195 and 197. [text]


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