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Quatrain 01-51: troubles in France and Italy
- T.W.M. van Berkel -

Nederlandse versie

Comment by Van Berkel

Source text: 2000-Chomarat-facsimile
Chef d'Aries,Iupiter,&Saturne
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne
Gaule,& Italie quelles esmotions?

Translation (Van Berkel, 2004)
The chief of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn:
Eternal God, what changes to come?
Then for a long age his wicked time returns,
Gaul and Italy, what disturbances to come?

Van Berkel categorizes this quatrain as a horary chart quatrain.
The first line indicates a conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
In the imagination period (October 16, 1524 - February 27, 1554), on February 8, 1544, there was a configuration, in which Jupiter was located on the last degree of Scorpio, conjunct Mars on the 6th degree of Sagittarius and Saturn on the second degree of Sagittarius. The Moon was located in Leo, in square aspect to Jupiter.
The fulfilment date of this quatrain is June 27, 3049.


Comment by Brind'Amour

Source text: 1555-Bonhomme-edition
Chef d'Aries, Juppiter & Saturne,
Dieu eternel, quelles mutations! 
Puis par longs siecles son maling temps retourne: 
Gaule & Itale, quelles esmotions!

Brind'Amour writes that in this quatrain, there is a reference to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1703 AD in the first degrees of Aries. He also writes that there is a reference to Roussat's Livre de l'estat et mutation des temps.[1] According to software data, this conjunction did not occur in 1703, but on May 21, 1702, on 7 Aries.


Comment by Halbronn
Halbronn interprets the words Chef d'Aries as a reference to the zodiacal sign of Aries. He writes that in this quatrain, as in quatrain 01-16 and quatrain 06-02, there is an allusion to the "Regiomontanus prophecy". In this prediction, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was supposed to occur in Aries, the first in a series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the fire signs. At that time, it was supposed that this conjunction would occur around 1584. A series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in one and the same element (fire, earth, water, air) lasts 200 years. Around 1584, there would not only be a change of element, but also a "very great conjunction" (conjunctio maxima), because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction would occur in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. In reality, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in May 1583 in Pisces.[2]


Comment by Wöllner

Source text: Le Pelletier, 1867
Chef d'Aries, Jupiter, & Saturne,
Dieu eternel, quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne
Gaule & Italie, quelles esmotions?

Translation (Wöllner, 1926)
Haupt des Widders, Jupiter und Saturn
Welche Veränderungen soll der ewige Gott erleiden?
Dann in langem Zeitlaufe kehrt seine schlimme Zeit wieder.
Gallien und Italien, welche Erregungen?

Wöllner writes that in this quatrain, there is a reference to October 19, 1583. According to calculations by means of average cycles, there would be a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on October 19, 1583, on 28 Aries. A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also occurred, according to Wöllner, on December 13, 1702, on 16 Aries.[3]
Wöllner also thought it possible that the words Chef d'Aries did not refer to the zodiacal sign of Aries, but to Mars as the ruler of Aries. In that case, there would be a reference to either 1504 or 1524.


De Meern, the Netherlands, February 24, 2004
T.W.M. van Berkel


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

  1. Brind'Amour 1996, p.122-123. The quotation on p.122-123 from Livre de l'estat... ("En apres, la tresfameuse approximation & vnion de Saturne et Iupiter...") is not on p.63 in Livre de l'estat..., but on p.132.  [text]

  2. Halbronn: La révolution "anaragonique" ou les Centuries comme commentaires des textes en prose, version June 3, 2003  [text]

  3. Wöllner, p.44-45. The data, given by Wöllner, are according to the Julian calendar. A conversion into the Gregorian calendar results in October 29, 1583 (software data: Jupiter retrograde: 20 Pisces, Saturn retrograde: 17 Pisces) and December 24, 1702 (software data: Jupiter: 6 Aries, Saturn: 4 Aries).  [text]


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