Nostradamus, astrologie en de Bijbel 
T.W.M. van Berkel, NL, 2002, Dutch edition

Nederlandse versie

At the moment, the book is only available in Dutch and it is not yet certain if there will be an edition in English. 
As an alternative, you can order online the
English edition of the lecture Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible. This booklet contains the complete English translation of the lecture which is given in the Netherlands. In this lecture, all the main topics of the book are discussed. 

The contents of the book are listed below.


Part 1   Introduction

In this part is described: the methods of investigation, the sort of astrology that is used and the nature of astrological calculations.

Biography of Nostradamus  
In this part, the private life of Nostradamus is described, his career as a physician and his astrological practice. Besides information about the conceiving of the Prophecies, one can read about other predictions and books he has written.

The Netherlands and the PROPHECIES 
In this part, the origin of the first Dutch translation of the quatrains and letters is described. This translation was issued in 1941. One can also read about French editions of the Prophecies, printed in the Netherlands.

Part 2   The results of the investigation

Chapter 1.  The millennium model 
In this chapter, the astrological model is described that Nostradamus has used to calculate the number of years humanity will exist. With this model, 8 quatrains are provided with a year of fulfilment.
In this chapter, other time structures Nostradamus wanted to develop, are discussed, as well as printer's errors and alterations in the original text of the letter to Henry II, king of France.

Chapter 2.  The CD100-system 
The letters which Nostradamus wrote to his son Cesar and the French king Henry II, contain also predictions. Most of them are related to the predictions he wrote in the quatrains.
In the letter to Henry II, a second prediction system regarding the future of the world until its fall, is described: the CD100-system. The date of the fall of the world, calculated with this system, is the same as the date, calculated with the millennium model.
The principle of the CD100-system is illustrated with horoscope charts. 

Chapter 3.  The horary astrology system and the CD4-system 
In this chapter, the methods of Nostradamus are explained:  receiving visions and applying astrology. In the investigation, the period during which he conceived the quatrains is estimated. This is based on the zodiacal longitudes of the planets that he mentioned. In this period, an astrological calculation clue is hidden, with which he calculated years of fulfilment: the CD4-system. With these systems, 19 quatrains have been arranged chronologically. Not only the year of fulfilment is calculated, but also the date on which these quatrains were conceived. The book also contains the horoscope figures of these quatrains.
The correspondences and the differences between the CD4-system and the CD100-system, the system Nostradamus uses in his letter to Henry II, are thoroughly discussed. 

Chapter 4.  Countries, regions, cities and villages
In the quatrains and letters, Nostradamus mentions countries, regions, cities en villages. In a large number of cases, he gives specific details, such as churches and other buildings, roads, bridges and ports. In this chapter is explained for which part of the world Nostradamus wrote his predictions. It is also explained by which astrological method he determined countries, regions, cities and villages.
This chapter is illustrated with geographical survey charts and horoscope figures.

Chapter 5.  The reference number system 
In his letters, Nostradamus gives a couple of times years. These years are according to our calendar system, i.e. AD-years. The years he mentions in a number of quatrains, are not according to our calendar system. They deal with the time span, covered by the quatrains. With the arithmetical clue that is hidden in this time span, 8 quatrains are put in chronological order and years of fulfilment are calculated.

Chapter 6.  Inadequate clues
In this chapter, 36 quatrains are discussed which contain astrological clues which are too inadequate to calculate years of fulfilment. The years of fulfilment of 4 quatrains which deal with comets, are roughly estimated.

Chapter 7.  Motives and fundaments
In this chapter, the message Nostradamus wants to give to humanity, is discussed. His motives to write the Prophecies are brought to light, as well as his considerations about whether or not publishing them. 
His ideas about divine revelation and the gift of prophecy are discussed  comprehensively. 
The millennium model is compared with calculations of contemporary astrologers regarding the number of years of existence of the world and the date of the fall of humanity. 
Next, it is described in what way he tried to legitimate the practice of judiciary astrology. 
There is a look at the role the Bible plays in his calculations. 
Finally, there is a comparison between the ideas of Nostradamus and the ideas of the Renaissance, the era in which he lived.

Chapter 8.  Investigation of the predictions
In this chapter, the value of the predictions of Nostradamus is investigated. First, the process of conceiving the predictions is described. 
The millennium model is compared with present-day historical ideas about the existence of humanity. 
The predictions in the quatrains are compared as a whole with the features of the millennium model. 
The mutual correspondences between the quatrains and the letters is examined. 
The astrological methods of Nostradamus are compared with the present-day  practice of judiciary astrology. His biblical arguments are discussed as well as the relation between on the one hand astrology and on the other hand the Bible, the Church and society. 
Finally, those predictions in the quatrains and the letters which are expired, are examined to find out whether or not they are fulfilled.

Chapter 9.  Summary and conclusions
In this chapter, the conclusions of the investigation are described. The results of the reconstruction of the methods Nostradamus applied, are listed. 
Whether or not the predictions of Nostradamus will be fulfilled, is established on biblical, the historical frame Nostradamus used, astrology, logic, correspondences and the expired predictions in the quatrains and the letters.

The epilogue contains a retrospect on the investigation. Unsolved questions are discussed and recommendations for future investigation are given.

Part 3   Appendix

Appendix 1.  Chronological order of the examined quatrains
The 39 quatrains which are examined during this investigation, are put in chronological order. Each quatrain is listed with its date of conceiving and its date of fulfilment.

Appendix 2.  The letter to Cesar 
A complete, revised Dutch translation of the letter Nostradamus wrote in 1555 to his son Cesar.

Appendix 3.  The letter to king Henry II 
A complete, revised Dutch translation of the letter Nostradamus wrote in 1558 to the French king Henry II.

Appendix 4.  Biblical periods 
A list of biblical time dates in the Old Testament, which Nostradamus applied in his calculations regarding the number of years of existence of the world.

Appendix 5.  Astrology 
In this appendix, astrology as it was practiced in the Renaissance, is briefly described. Three horoscopes
, calculated by Nostradamus, are re-calculated with present-day software, and annotated. Re-calculations were also done for some of his monthly predictions.

Appendix 6.  Literature, software and Internet-publications
A survey of books, articles, Cd-rom's and publications on Internet, which are used during the investigation and the writing of the book.

Appendix 7.  Vocabulary
This vocabulary contains amongst others astrological terms and terms, used in the investigation such as the millennium model and the judicial astrology system. It also contains general information about for example calendar systems.

ISBN 90-807394-1-3
A4 size, spiral bounded, 147 pages, with 15 tables, 40 horoscope charts and 4 geographical charts.




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