Textbook lecture Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible 
T.W.M. van Berkel, NL, 2002

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Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible
a lecture on his prophecies and letters

Cover textbook lecture 2002




Cover textbook lecture


On this page, you find a brief description of the topics which are treated in this booklet. 


The millennium model
By means of the letters of Nostradamus and the quatrains, it is made clear that he calculates the number of years of existence of the world with an astrological model, using biblical time dates. The time model Nostradamus created, is called the "millennium model". This model is compared with calculations of contemporary astrologers regarding the number of years of existence of the world.
Two quatrains are discussed, which contain clues which refer to the millennium model.

The CD100-system
The final date of the millennium model can be traced in the letter to the French king Henry II. In this letter, an astrological clue is hidden in the second set of predictions. With this clue, the final date of the millennium model is calculated.

The horary system, the CD4-system and the reference number system
The investigation shows that the zodiacal longitudes of the planets, mentioned by Nostradamus in the quatrains, occurred during his life. In the quatrains and the letter to his son Cesar, an astrological clue is hidden, which is used by Nostradamus to calculate years of fulfilment of the quatrains.
In the lecture, this is demonstrated by means of three quatrains. The horoscopes which form the fundament of these quatrains, are discussed.
Brief attention will be given to those quatrains which deal with comets. Also, the "reference number system" will be discussed, an arithmetical clue that is necessary to calculate years of fulfilment for those quatrains in which years are mentioned, such as the year 1999.

The Bible and the message of Nostradamus
From the quatrains and the letters, it becomes clear that Nostradamus uses the Bible for several purposes. He uses biblical dates for his calculations, he uses biblical verses for his predictions and he quotes verses in order to demonstrate that his visions are divine. He also tries to demonstrate that God permits the practice of (judicial) astrology. 
From the quatrains and letters, the message that Nostradamus wants to share with humanity, becomes clear. He writes that in a period of about 2300 years, Gods judgment will come over humanity, by means of 1000 disastrous events. He also predicts that God will deal with Satan in the biblical kingdom of 1000 years.

The predictional value of the PROPHECIES
The predictional value of the Prophecies is estimated on historical, astrological and biblical grounds. The cohesion of the two sets of predictions Nostradamus has written, is also investigated. A number of predictions that are expired, are compared with the course of history. His biblical arguments are also discussed.


ISBN 90-807394-3-X
A4 size, spiral bounded, 21 pages, with 5 tables and 5 horoscope charts




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