Nostradamus & 2012 - Wie het verleden kan vertellen...
Interview in the spiritual monthly ParaVisie, Hilversum, NL, October 2011


Cover Paravisie October 2011

In the October issue of volume 26 of the spiritual monthly ParaVisie, an article is published on the pages 33-36, entitled Nostradamus & 2012 - Wie het verleden kan vertellen... (tr: Nostradamus & 2012 - Whoever can tell the past...), written by Niels Brummelman, one of the editors.
In the introduction, Brummelman describes Nostradamus as a succesfull seer, whose oeuvre got less and less clear in the course of the years. In In Nostradamus & 2012 - Wie het verleden kan vertellen..., Brummelman interviews three Dutch Century-scholars: Theo van Berkel, author/webmaster of this website and author of Nostradamus, astrologie en de Bijbel, Wim Zitman, astrologer, author and former architect, who in 2002 wrote Onbekende aspecten van Nostradamus and Rob van der Wilk, hypnotherapist and paragnost, author of Nostradamus, de waarheid
Brummelman interviewed each of these scholars individually. The interview with Van Berkel dates from August 2011.

The ideas of Zitman, Van der Wilk and Van Berkel on the message of the Centuries are strongly diverging. Zitman thinks that Nostradamus characterizes the time in which we live as a time of decay. According to him, the year 2012 is not prominent in the Centuries. According to Van der Wilk, Nostradamus, referred to December 2012 when he wrote about the "Golden Era". In December 2012, the planets would be in one row and the influence of the Age of Aquarius becomes very clear. Van Berkel explains why, according to him, none of the predictions in the Centuries can be fulfilled. By means of the Nostradamuspropaganda, published in World War II, he demonstrates that the predictions in the Centuries can be explained in many ways.Perhaps the Centuries contain the message that the end of the world is not that close as was thought in Nostradamus' lifetime.

Brummelman further briefly discusses the ideas of the Dutch scholar Maarten Post, who thinks that not the future, but the past is described in the Centuries, and the ideas of the Belgian scholar Rudy Cambier, who thinks that Nostradamus stole a manuscript, written in the fourteenth century by a prior, elaborated it and had it published in its present form.

Nostradamus & 2012 - Wie het verleden kan vertellen... is an elucidate article which discusses the ideas of a number of present-day scholars about Nostradamus and the Centuries. A list of consulted literature enables the interested readers to get further information.


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