Nostradamus'un Osmanli kehaneti
Article in the Turkish daily Sabah, Istanbul, TR

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Sabah In August 2005, Theo van Berkel was interviewed by Fikret Aydemir, who, living in Belgium, works for the Turkish newspaper Sabah. In connection with this interview, Aydemir wrote an article, which was published in the edition of September 1, 2005.
Sabah is a conservative-liberal newspaper, quite popular in Turkey as well as in Europe. In Europe, the sales figures of Sabah come next to those of Hürriyet.
Sabah belongs to the Sabah group, a holding company which also exploits the television station ATV.
In Sabah, articles on Nostradamus are published frequently. Some of these articles contain general information on Nostradamus. Other articles deal with comments like those of e.g. Manfred Dimde and Peter Lemesurier. 


Nostradamus zodiac

In his book, entitled Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible, the Dutch author Theo van Berkel has written that two of Nostradamus' predictions about the Osmans became fulfilled 

After 500 years, Michel Notredame (Nostradamus), born in the French city of Saint-Remy on December 14, 1503, is once more on the world agenda. The whole world is connected with the predictions of Nostradamus. About Nostradamus, who grew up in a wealthy family of 17 children, it is told that when he was a child, it took him only one time to read a text in order to know it by heart. People paid much attention to he "Almanacs" he wrote, in which he gave predictions for the coming year. Because of this success, Nostradamus, who meanwhile was a doctor, became counsellor of king Henri II. In 1789, during the French Revolution, his tomb, in which Nostradamus was buried on July 2, 1566, together with his books and secrets, was opened. In 1946, American soldiers, who liberated Europe in World War II, brought his books to the United States. Since then, the whole world is anxious to know about his predictions.

In his book Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible, the Dutch author Theo van Berkel argues his supposition that the Prophecies of Nostradamus should not be taken literally, but only give hints.
Van Berkel emphasizes that although Nostradamus made 942 predictions, the predictions of this famous seer only deal with Europe and that other countries later were added. While answering questions of Sabah, Van Berkel explained that only two of his predictions deal with Turkey and that the Osman Empire was symbolized with a Half Moon. In one of these predictions, it was written that the Half Moon would not be spread over the entire Europe, in the other one that in the 20th century, the Half Moon would become invisible. "This means that the Osman Empire will collapse in the beginning of the 20th century", he said.

TWM van Berkel

The Dutch author Theo van Berkel told that, regarding his interest in Nostradamus, things began with the revolution in Iran in 1979. When Van Berkel, who is interested in astrology, heard about the Iran revolution, predicted in quatrain 01-70, he became curious about Nostradamus. "If someone, living in the 16th century, could know such a thing, then what about the other prediction, I thought". Van Berkel points to the fact that Nostradamus compiled his predictions by observing the stars. "In the preface of his book, Nostradamus says that he read the future from the course of the stars and planets. In itself, it is incomprehensible that by observing the stars and planets, 500 years ago, one could read predictions. Nostradamus' calendar, which stretches out until 200, has been commented in about 600 books. His predictions also show that life will go on until 3827. No-one knows what will happen then", he said.


Fikret Aydemir



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