Predictions made by Nostradamus 500 years ago were never fulfilled
Interview in newspaper De Brug, De Meern, NL

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Theo van Berkel (De Meern) writes sensational book 
about famous French astrologer

'Predictions made by Nostradamus 500 years ago
 were never fulfilled'

by Gerda Wapenaar
photo: Johan Maaswinkel

DE MEERN - Not one of the dated predictions, done five centuries ago by the famous French physician and astrologer Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, has ever become fulfilled. This conclusion is drawn by Theo van Berkel (46) from De Meern, who published privately the book 'Nostradamus, astrologie en de Bijbel' ('Nostradamus, astrology and the Bible') on the occasion of the 500th birthday of Nostradamus (1503-1566). Van Berkel bases his conclusions on numerous years of research, in which he used the most advanced astrological software.

TWM van Berkel"There are more than sixhundred books written about Nostradamus", Van Berkel tells in his house in the Dr. Arienslaan, in which he lives with his wife and two children. "But there are only a few authors who can do the right analysis. Now, it is for the first time that it is shown that many things, written in the 'Prophecies', are not right. The 'Prophecies' were published in 1555. It is a book in which Nostradamus gives predictions in a series of 942 quatrains about war, disasters and epidemics until the end of times, which he dates on April 25, 3827. Until today, with every disaster, there is always a reference to it. He is supposed to have predicted the French Revolution and World War II, as well as the outbreak of aids and the attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001. The French physician was convinced that he had the gift of prophecy and got revelations from God about various kinds of disasters. Averagely, once a week he got a vision, and erected a horoscope in order to determine where and when this revelation would occur. In most of the quatrains - four line verses - the clues are so vague that place and time of fulfilment cannot be established. Nostradamus himself said that most of the quatrains are too complicated to be interpreted by other people. But now, fulfilment dates are known, according to his own calculations, of about 40 quatrains. And from those quatrains which are expired, I have established that they never became fulfilled."
For the rest, the investigation of Van Berkel shows also that the astrological structure of the Prophecies cannot be used, which means that the Prophecies simply cannot be fulfilled. Also other arguments Nostradamus gave regarding the fundaments of his predictions, are not at all consistent.

Nostradamus published the Prophecies in phases in the period 1555-1558. The publishing of the first four chapters was accompanied by a letter to Cesar, his oldest son. The publishing of the last three chapters was accompanied by a letter to the French king Henry II, with whom he was very acquainted. His message to humanity is that between 1555 and 3827 God will execute his judgment over the world. This takes place by a thousand disastrous events between 1555 and 3797. In 2828, the biblical kingdom of 1000 years begins and Satan is chained for a period of 970 years. After this period, in November 3797, he makes war with the heavenly armies for the last time. In 3827, he gets the worst of it.
Before Nostradamus wrote his Prophecies, he already was a famous astrologer, because of the almanacs he wrote every year, from 1550. In these almanacs, there were also political predictions for each month.
He was a famous physician because of fighting the plague. He traveled through tie infected areas and applied with success medication that was quite uncommon for his time. This versatile man, who mastered four languages, also wrote books with gastronomical, medical and beauty advices.

Advanced mathematics
The way in which Theo van Berkel did his longtime investigation, is like advanced mathematics for the average layman. Sitting behind his computer, he shows on the monitor complicated models and graphics, larded with names of planets. The reason that he is so acquainted with such complicated things, is the tremendous experience he acquired in the period 1980-1994. In this period, he practiced astrology and one of his activities was explaining birth charts. "I did this on only the fundament of calculations. I am not a clairvoyant." He was also a freelance correspondent of the astrological magazine Sagittarius.
Astrology is not recognized as a official science, but there is the Dutch Society of Scientific Research to Astrology (NVWOA). Van Berkel hold a lecture for this society of professionals, and their reactions were very positive.
Van Berkel, in daily life dialysis nurse in the University Medical Center in Utrecht, started his investigation of the value of the predictions of Nostradamus in 1980. In the beginning of the investigation, he concluded that astrology is the key to the predictions of Nostradamus. He writes in both his letters to Cesar and Henry II about prediction systems, based on astrological calculations.
During the investigation, Van Berkel applied astrology as it was practiced in the Renaissance, the era in which Nostradamus lived. He compared biblical data in the quatrains and letters with the Old and New Testament.
The investigation revealed a valuable set of data regarding the practice of astrology in the Renaissance and the ideas of Nostradamus and some of his contemporaries about the moment the world ends.
Van Berkel: "His time frame does not match with the present-day knowledge about the history of the world. He stated that the world would exist 8000 years, but in his lifetime there were no archeological findings from which it became clear that the world is millions of years old. Also the biblical arguments of Nostradamus are insufficient."
In short, maybe the book of the Meern author is the book about Nostradamus which makes all other books superfluous.

Newspaper De Brug, volume 34, November 27, 2002

Newspaper De Brug (the bridge) is published every Wednesday in Vleuten, De Meern, Haarzuilens and Leidsche Rijn. Circulation: 14.500.




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