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The family tree of Nostradamus: ascendants
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Nostradamus' parents

Father: Jaume (Jacques) de Nostredame
Born: around 1470, Avignon
Deceased: end 1546 / begin 1547
Details: merchand, from 1505 also notary

Mother: Reynière (Renée) de Saint-Rémy
No further details known.

The marriage between Jaume de Nostredame and Reynière de Saint-Rémy was closed on May 14, 1495.


Brothers and sisters of Nostradamus

Dauphine de Nostredame
No further details known

Jehan de Nostredame [1]
Born: around 1507 ?
Deceased: around 1577
Details: profession: most likely attorney

Pierre de Nostredame
No further details known

Louis de Nostredame
No further details known

Hector de Nostredame
Date of birth: unknown
Date of decease: unknown
Details: most likely proprietor. Married with Antoinette Mourguète; daughter: Florimonde.

Bertrand de Nostredame
Born: 1518
Date of decease: unknown
Details: captain of a home guard. Married with Thomine Rousse, children: Claude, Jeanne, Catherine, Lucrèce, Blanche.

Jean de Nostredame
Born: 1522
Date of decease: unknown
No further details known

Antoine de Nostredame
Born: 1523
Deceased: after 1597.
Details: married with Loyse Berle, children: Jean, Hector, Jeanne, Claude, Anne, Catherine, Delphine, Pierre, Benoît and Damary.


Parental grandparents of Nostradamus

Grandfather: Pierre de Nostredame
Born: 1430
Deceased: 1484
Details: profession: real estate agent. Converted to Christianity around 1460. Before that time, he used his Jewish name Crescas de Carcassonne.

Grandmother: Blanche de Saint-Marie
No further details known.

The marriage between Pierre de Nostredame and Blanche de Saint-Marie was the third marriage of Pierre de Nostredame. His first marriage was with Stella Crescas, closed around 1448, his second marriage with Astrugue Gassonet, who he repudiated in 1463 since she would not convert herself to Christianity.
Nostradamus and his brothers and sisters are all born in the third marriage of Pierre de Nostredame.


Maternal grandparents of Nostradamus

Grandfather: Rene de Saint-Remy
No further details known.

Grandmother: Beatrice Tourrel
No further details known.

Great-grandfather: Jean de Saint-Remy 
Born: 1428
Deceased: 1504
Details: physician and treasurer of the finances of Saint-Rémy de Provence.


De Meern, the Netherlands, January 19, 2005
T.W.M. van Berkel


The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

  1. The facts regarding Jehan de Nostredame are taken from Leroy, p.39-42. It is not clear if these facts are reliable. Leroy took the year of birth of Jehan from a finding of the French abbot Goujet, who presented this finding without any reference. Leroy further supposes that Jehan was baptized in 1522. The supposition that Nostradamus had two brothers, named Jean, was made by those who compiled the complementary notes in the 1993-re-issue of Nostradamus - ses origines, sa vie, son oeuvre.
    Benazra's point of view is that it was Jean, born in 1522, who was baptized in 1522. (Benazra to Van Berkel, January 17; Internet: [tekst]

  2. Dr. E. Lhez discovered that the Jewish name of Pierre de Nostredame was Crescas de Carcassonne; the name Guy Gassonet was the Jewish name of another Pierre de Nostredame, who lived in Carpentras. (Benazra to Van Berkel, January 17, 2005: Internet:; Leroy, p.14 and 23). [tekst]


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