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Documents inexploités sur le phénomène Nostradamus (J. Halbronn D.Litt., FR, 2002)
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Documents inexploités

"Documents inexploités 
sur le phénomène Nostradamus
ISBN 2-95-16324-1-X

In this book, published in 2002, the French text historian Jacques Halbronn described aspects of his insights and ideas about the authenticity of the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Documents inexploités... consists of three parts. In the first part, Halbronn discusses an Epistle by Nostradamus, directed to the French king Henry II, which precedes the Présages Merveilleux pour 1557, one of the three series of annual predictions, compiled by Nostradamus for 1557. Together with the two other series of predictions (an Almanach and a Pronostication), the Présages Merveilleux are, according to Halbronn, the oldest and most authentic documents of Nostradamus which are available, whereas the editions of the Centuries, dated in 1555, 1557 and 1558, are counterfeited productions, compiled after Nostradamus' decease in 1566. Halbronn argues that the Epistle to Henry II which precedes the eighth, ninth and tenth century is in fact a forged document, produced upon the basis of the Epistle to Henry II which precedes the Présages Merveilleux. In connection with this, he also expressed his doubts about the authenticity of Les Significations de l'Eclipse du 16. septembre 1559.

In the second part, Halbronn discusses Les Prophéties dediées à la Puissance divine, a predictive book, written by Antoine Crespin. This book contains a compilation of quatrain verses, taken from the Centuries. Halbronn noted that Crespin did not include quatrain verses from the fifth, sixth and seventh century. Because of this, he contests the authenticity of the editions of the Centuries which were published by Antoine du Rosne in 1557 and contain the first seven centuries.

In the third part, Halbronn discusses Morgards (Leon Mauregard) Sixains, which contain an interpretation key regarding used words and ideas. Without such a key, these verses can not be understood. The existence of such a key has its repercussion upon the research of the meaning of the Centuries.

Halbronn does not limit himself to the mere discussion of these publications, but places them in the context of the 16th century, with all the political and religious complications which made France suffer so severely. The reader will meet numerous other publications and will be introduced, step by step, into the world of the prophetic literature.

On countless places in Documents inexploités... illustrations are inserted, reproductions of relevant texts, fragments of quatrains etc. Among the reproduces texts is the text of the Epistle to Henry II which precedes the Présages Merveilleux pour 1557, the text of the first edition of Crespin's Les Prophéties dediées à la Puissance divine and the text of Morgard's Sixains.

In the series of publications regarding Nostradamus, Documents inexploités... takes an outstanding place, also because Halbronn does not avoid controversy and the debate. His book calls for reflection on what exactly the Centuries are. 


De Meern, the Netherlands, October 28, 2005
T.W.M. van Berkel


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