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My researches on Michel de Nostredame (July 11, 2003)
- R. Benazra -

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R Benazra

Robert Benazra was born in 1953 in Lyon, France. He is the director/founder of the ancient Cahiers Kabbalah, a magazine about Jewish mysticism. In 1982/83, during his research on Nostradamus and his works, he discovered to unique copies of the Prophecies of Nostradamus, dating from 1555, one of them in Albi, France, the other one in Vienna. Shortly after, he discovered a copy of the Prophecies, dating from 1557.
On Nostradamus, Robert Benazra published an extensive bibliography, entitled Répertoire Chronologique Nostradamique, which is of great value for everyone who wants to investigate the writings of Nostradamus and the various editions/translations of the Prophecies. He also published a booklet which contains a biography of Nostradamus, written around 1700 by Palamède Tronc de Coudoulet, a great-great-nephew of Nostradamus.
Robert Benazra runs two websites. One of these sites, entitled
Espace Nostradamus, is entirely dedicated to the life and work of Nostradamus. This site is like an online-encyclopedia and contains the most recent data about his life, his work, his writings and the era he lived in. The other site, entitled Encyclopaedia Hermetica, encloses the online-information about Nostradamus, and deals also with astrology, Judaism, prophetism and hypnology, to name a few themes.

T.W.M. van Berkel



On the Website Espace Nostradamus ( one will find clear, precise and serious information about a all-around known, famous writer, whose personality and works is mostly misjudged by the general public.

It was around the seventies when I heard for the first time about the Prophecies of Nostradamus. At that time, my knowledge of this subject was like the one of most people, which means that I did not at all have any serious information about the man and his writings. I decided to get information and, above all, to base myself on sources and to do systematic searches in the libraries. At the beginning of my researches, I had absolutely to find answers to two essential questions that kept running through my mind: who was Nostradamus really? and what were his writings?

In order to find an answer to my first question, I appealed to the real origins of Michel de Nostredame, to know his backgrounds and to know the social environment in which he lived. A section of my Site, entitled Ascendance, contains the family origins of Michel, from his paternal great-great-grandfather, Vital de Carcassonne, to his father, Jaume de Nostredame. 
In the section Biographie, I try to inform about the complex personality of Michel de Nostredame, before becoming Nostradamus.

At the same time, I had to answer my second question, about which was total confusion: looking for original publications of Nostradamus and perhaps unpublished manuscripts about the physician of Salon-de-Provence. Thus, I could find the traces of two first editions of the Prophéties de Nostradamus, the one of 1555, published by Macé Bonhomme and the one of 1557, published by Antoine du Rosne, re-edited in 1984 and 1993 by Les Amis de Nostradamus (Lyon). In the section Bibliographie, I summarized the essentials of my bibliographic research, which is entitled Répertoire Chronologique Nostradamique (RCN), and which was published in 1990.

In present days, with it section Analyse, the Site Espace Nostradamus tries to constitute a kind of nostradamic critical with the admission of unpublished and proper studies of Nostradamus and his oeuvre. Our aim is to make available a corpus as complete as possible, in order to rise new reflections and studies "pour le commun profit des humains" ("for the common benefit of mankind"), to use an expression of Nostradamus (Letter to Cesar).

Feyzin, July 11, 2003,

Robert Benazra.



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