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Répertoire Chronologique Nostradamique 1545-1989 (R. Benazra, FR, 1990)
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répertoire chronologique
isbn 2-85707-418-2

The Répertoire Chronologique Nostradamique 1545-1989 (RCN) is a compendium of about 700 pages, in which Benazra documented a large variety of features regarding the nostradamic oeuvre (the Centuries, the Almanachs, the Pronostications etc.) as well as studies and comments, published in the past centuries, of those who hold Nostradamus in high esteem and those who criticize him. It is the result of Benazra's ongoing research on the life and work of Michel de Nostredame.

The RCN is a systematic description of hundreds of works which were published in the period 1545-1989, to begin with Orus Apollo, a manuscript of Nostradamus which contains 84 pages with 182 epigrams. 
Between 1545 and 1989, more than 150 editions of the Centuries were published. The RCN contains numerous details about e.g. text features, the publishers like Macé Bonhomme and Benoist Rigaud, frontispieces and illustrations. In many cases, remarkable and peculiar text fragments are given.

In the RCN, Benazra amply describes the countless comments which were written in the course of the centuries, among which of course those by De Chavigny, but also those by people like Jaubert, Le Roux, Le Pelletier and Piobb and - more contemporary - by Pichon and Hutin.
The RCN also contains systematic descriptions of publications in which Nostradamus is criticized, such as those by Couillard and Videl. Next, the contents are given of the "Cahiers Nostradamus", published in the 1980's. 

The RCN contains reproductions of more than 400 illustrations, varying from portraits and illustrations on the front pages to all kinds of decorations. Closing, the RCN contains lists of persons and of years of publishing.

It is almost impossible to describe in detail the contents of the RCN, which book, according to Martin Hofstede, the author of Het raadsel Nostradamus - zijn leven, zijn werk, zijn voorspellingen (Rijswijk, NL, 1996) is a true gold mine for everyone who is interested in Nostradamus and his works.


De Meern, the Netherlands, October 26, 2005
T.W.M. van Berkel


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